6 Water Gadgets

6 Water Gadgets

22 January, 2016
Do It With H2O
What can you do with a drop of water? More than you may think!

From tough underwater cameras tad watches to shower saver and water-powered clocks, we reckon these are some pretty cool aqua gadgets for your home and beyond.
1. Shower Saver
This futuristic self-powered water and energy meter from Amphiro makes it fun to save, with adorable animations to motivate you. Displaying water and energy consumption in real time, the device lets you keep track of your usage and set saving targets via a free online portal.
US $59.90
2. Wakey Wakey
No batteries or electricity required for this water-powered alarm clock from Bedol. Simply pop open the cap and fill up with ordinary tap water every six months or so to get perfect time. Ions in the water are converted into clean energy to power the clock.
US $26
3. Watch This
Water-resistant to 100 metres, the Deep Sea Chronograph Cermet Waterproof Watch is designed to guarantee absolute reliability in aquatic environments. Resistant to shock, pressure and extreme temperatures, the watch is made from a ceramic and metal composite, making this super-sylish timepiece lightweight and comfortable as well.
US $18,194
4. 1-2-3, Say “Seal!”
Olympus’ Tough TG-320 is aptly named for its resilience in extreme environments – the sleekly designed camera is waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof. From the tranquil to the turbulent, this camera offers reliable, high-quality shooting in most conditions. A unique feature is the 3D photo shooting function, which helps to recreate a sense of depth in photos.
US $160
5. Tune In
Sing along to your favourite radio tunes in the shower with this water pressure powered radio from Tango Group. Fitted directly on the faucet of the shower, the water flow powers a turbine generator in the radio for excellent reception and clear sound. Just make sure you don’t waste water by going overtime when your favourite tunes comes on!
US $50
6. Power Up
For outdoor enthusiasts who spend time away from the electricity grid, myFC’s PowerTrekk Water Powered Charger provides instant portable power from water anywhere, for electric equipment compatible with the common USB standard. From mobile phones and digital cameras to GPS devices, charge ¥our devices without ever needing a wall socket.
US $149

By: Ecozine Staff


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