AnaLog Watch Co

AnaLog Watch Co

17 November, 2014
The Carpenter Collection
Nature's way of telling time

Co.llections, Co.llaboration, Co.ntribution, Co.nnection, Co.mpany
That is what the “Co” stands for in “Analog watch Co”.
Analog Watch Co. is a small and independent business based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. With their intricate craftsmanship and design, AWC is all about beauty and simplicity.
“We aspire to transform and re-imagine unique and beautiful materials. We are inspired most by nature—leaves, trees, rocks, trickling water falls, crickets at night—we love it all!”
Their Carpenter collection was designed to be sleek, subtle, gender neutral and iconic, retaining the beauty of all-natural wood and leather. Handcrafted out of wood, the watches and its chic minimalistic design aim to remind the wearer of nature. Also incorporating comfort value, the craftsmanship involved resulted in a highly sophisticated, eco-conscious design that is over 80% biodegradable.
As it is important to ensure that wearability remains top priority, the watches come with extremely supple and soft and flexible leather straps. After months researching, prototyping, and sourcing materials, AWC has come up with a must-have that takes ‘eco fashion’ to a whole new level.
AWC has also implemented the “Plant-A-Tree Partner” programme into their line of work. “We are trying to do it right. It’s important for us to contribute back to the environment from which we take, so we plant a tree for every watch we sell.”
Apart from that, AWC also embodies the responsibility of being accountable for every single one of the people, process, and machines involved in their manufacturing with the Hands On foundation. “Sometimes it’s easy to forget that everything around us, from our computers and phones, to our furniture and our houses, to the mug of coffee sitting on the table, was made by someone. Probably with their hands. We would like to honor those people by documenting them and their crafts.”

By: Kristine Basilio


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