ASEF Green Action

ASEF Green Action

2 August, 2013
Plastic bags be gone!
ASEF and JCEIA jointly organize environmental awareness activities in Hong Kong

Four years ago, the HKD0.50 environmental levy for plastic shopping bags was put into effect, and while many consumers have switched to bringing their own reusable shopping bags when making purchases, the overall use of plastic bags remains high. With the support of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF), the Joint College Environmental Innovation Alliance (JCEIA) have organized a series of events, ASEF Green Action in Hong Kong, aimed at increasing awareness of the harmful effects of plastic on the environment.

This past weekend, the first event was successfully held in Mong Kok with the help of 50 volunteers: “BAG BACK.” The purpose of the event was to engage passers-by in Hong Kong to exchange their plastic shopping bags for a sustainable reusable cloth bag, while also conducting a short survey to gain an understanding about the habits of plastic bag usage in Hong Kong. In all, 500 limited edition reusable bags were exchanged.

So, what’s next? Later this month, an online photo competition titled “What’s in your bag?” will be hosted on JCEIA’s Facebook page. The competition invites participants who received one of the 500 reusable bags distributed to share pictures of the various items they have carried in their new bags. The entry with the most “likes” will win a personalized guided tour of Hong Kong’s natural conservation park.

And what about all those plastic bags collected? If you’re thinking that they’ll be tossed away like most plastic bags in this city, think again. A collaborative art exhibition featuring local Hong Kong artists is in the works, with the plastic bags to be used as materials for the show. Look out for more information on this in Fall 2013!

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To see more photos from the “BAG BACK” activity, please visit: JCEIA “Bag Back” Activity Gallery

Image via: JCEIA Facebook page

By: Ecozine Staff


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