Berry good

Berry good

1 December, 2012
Family fun
Discover strawberry picking in Hong Kong!

Ah yes, one of Hong Kong's best-kept secrets - lush, sweet strawbs at organic family farms all over town. Strawberry season is typically late December through March, and take it from us - you do not want to miss this opportunity to go strawberry picking with your family or friends.
In late winter and early spring, the weather in Hong Kong sometimes hits "refreshing" right on the nose; neither sticky-hot nor freezing, AKA, perfect for indulging a bit of outdoor activity. But with traffic thick as ever on the roads and winter weather systems causing pollution to sit heavy over the city, an ideal option is to head out of the urban center and enjoy Hong Kong's rural areas. And strawberry picking lends itself perfectly to a sunny weekend afternoon!
The process is simple, and pretty much the same at every picking spot in town (and there are more than ever, as the organic farming trend has picked up followers in recent years). Just grab a basket or two at the entrance, hit the fields and start picking the reddest, juiciest berries you can spot. Once you're satisfied with your haul, have the berries weighed and boxed at the entrance and take them home to share. Tip: if you're anything like us, fill one box just to eat on the way back, or you'll end up empty-handed by the time you get home! Many of the gardens also have other crops that can be picked, such as corn, tomatoes, carrots, melons and pumpkins. Ask the farmers what they are harvesting, and find out what else you can come back for at other times of the year! Two caveats: One, the strawberries are not particularly cheap at $60/lb, especially as you have to do the grunt work yourself… but the fulfilling outdoor experience is part of the payoff. And two, the quality and quantity of berries can vary widely depending on weather and seasonal things like the Chinese New Year holiday, which brings in hordes of tourists to pick the fields dry. But on a good day, you can easily lose yourself in the sweet smell of berries and sunshine and come home with a perfect haul. Organic farms and strawberry picking can be found in several of Hong Kong's suburban and rural areas, including Tai Po, Fanling, Yuen Long and elsewhere throughout the New Territories. Get out and explore!
Try the following spots to get you started: Rainbow organic Strawberry Farm, Fanling: Flower World, kam Tin: Law's Organic Strawberry Farm, Yuen Long:

By: Ecozine Staff


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