Blue Butcher

Blue Butcher

30 October, 2014
Turkey Special
Celebrate Thanksgiving and the Festive Season with Organic Treats

This Thanksgiving and Christmas, celebrate with friends and family with Blue Butcher’s Hunter Valley free-range turkey.  Make sure you book early though as this popular item is sold out every year.  Raised on the banks of the Hunter River in New South Wales, which is known for its rich and famous fertile red soil that produces organic sorghum grain that is used to feed the turkeys, these free-range turkeys are juicy and delicious.  They are served with homemade stuffing with plenty of buttery Brussels sprouts, whipped creamy mash potatoes plus yummy gravy and cranberry sauce. Perfect to go along with the turkey are the cocktails, including the Pork Chop & Apple Sauce which comes with a spoon of delicious fresh apple jam as well as the famous Apple Pie Moonshine.  All orders are finished with Danny’s famous pumpkin pie with whipped cream.
The turkey special is available from November 28th and throughout December.
Blue Butcher is located at: 108 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong.  Tel: + 852-2613-9286.  For more information, visit:

By: Ecozine Staff


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