Charitable Candles

Charitable Candles

2 June, 2015
Recycled Pet Food Cans
BeWell's Endeavour Takes Creature Comforts to a New Level

The impact of our beloved pets' consumption habits are easily overlooked, but the truth is their actions do also have a significant impact  - in terms of trash generation, overfishing, etc. But now one socially minded local company is providing an opportunity for your kitties and kanines to lend their paws to a more sustainable, circular, and #zerowaste economy.
BeWell is giving new life to used pet food cans by collecting them (cleaned, please!) and recycling them to make containers for the bead wax refills they provide with every BeCandle Beads purchase! The initiative, specifically referred to as BeWell candle, will be accepting can contributions until August (please also strip off the labels before contributing the cans).
But there's more! Anyone that donates their used pet food cans gets a complimentary refill of BeCandle Beads in a glass bottle, recycled by Green Glass Green. As an added bonus, petowners that bring in the used food cans are also eligible to register for a free pilates class with BeWell project leader Elisa Fu.
As a part of this BeWell campaign, BeCandle are offering a special pack of BeCandle Beads that includes a recycled glass bottle filled with wax sand made of natural palm wax from the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, a sachet of wicks, and a recycled pet food can. Moreover, 100 per cent of the profits from the special edition pack (price HK$180) will be donated to the SCPA. This pack is available online at and at their shop (location listed below) until the end of the year.
Recycling initiatives of this kind are vital components of a zero waste society, and totally align with the sentiments of Hong Kong's first-ever #ZeroWasteWeek on June 7-14, click here to learn more.
The pet can collection station, and shop:
BeCandle’s GLUE Associates
S402, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central
Free Pilates class:
The Yoga Room, Sheung Wan (September 5/6).
There will also be a launch party for this initiative on Saturday, June 13, from 2-6pm at:
36-40 Tung Lo Wan Road,
G-Fl Intelligent Court, Tai Hang.
Pet owners and their beloved pets welcome!
Take pictures of your pets or regram any fluffy animals using the hashtag #projectbewell and @projectbewell to help promote and support the project!
Email or call 6739-0446 for more information.

By: Ecozine Staff


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