Diamonds & Waves

Diamonds & Waves

26 April, 2013
Ethical accessories
niin unveils its newest two mini collections

niin offers a range of luxurious handcrafted jewelry and lifestyle accessories, drawing from nature as inspiration and keeping ethical practices at its core. Natural materials such as recycled wood, deep-sea shells, semi-precious crystals and fresh water pearls are transformed into unique pieces of art. niin’s dedication to environmental responsibility inspires its unique aesthetic, and the launch of their newest two mini collections, Diamonds and Waves, they show once again how simple pieces of nature can be transformed into inspiring treasures.
Jeanine Hsu, Founder and Director of niin, explains how the collections were conceptualized: “After several requests for more high-end pieces, I decided to explore using gold and diamonds with materials or themes we are passionate about at niin. The message remains focused on the environment, with each pendant inspired by (and showing respect for) the oceans.”

Diamond pendants
The centerpiece of this collection resembles coral, with other pendants designed as waves and sharks fin accompanying it. The inspiration is simple: all images in the pendants draw attention to pressing issues that require protection. The pendants are encased in circular discs, encompassing them into the shape of our Earth.
Driftwood Hearts
The Driftwood Heart collection uses a combination of different materials: driftwood, gold, vermeil, shells, as well as brown, black and white diamonds.

Additionally, niin has created a panda broach to raise awareness of the panda, but is also representative of WWF’s mascot. The broach is made using black and white diamonds set into platinum white gold.
Prices for pieces in the collection start from HKD$750 and range up to HKD$25,000

By: Esther Wong


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