Eco Valentine's Day

Eco Valentine's Day

7 February, 2017
Gifts With A Conscience
8 Tips To Reduce Consumption And Give A Token Of Love

Valentine’s Day is a great time to show your partner how much you care. Here are our 8 tips for eco-friendly gift giving.

1. Potted Plants
A colourful bouquet of cut flowers is a lovely gesture, but choosing a potted plant instead of cut flowers means giving a gift that isn’t as disposable. Getting a locally grown plant is even better!

2. Second Hand
Buy clothing and accesserories second hand to reduce overall consumption. For the partner who likes of-the-moment and top brands, HULA has an impressive selection, and Etsy is another good source for vintage, one-of-a-kind items.

3. Ethical Jewellery
When it comes to new jewellery, buy ethical. Notable companies are niin, Melville Fine Jewellery, and John Hardy, who has an especially great men's range.

4. Put Together Your Own Gift Basket
Fill it with your Valentine's favourite indulgences, like teas, oils, nut butters, candles, and soaps, or gather pieces around a theme - may we suggest the theme of a romantic night in? Item ideas include: teapigs, La Cabane organic wine, all-natural, sustainable So..Soap, and a fair trade basket.

5. Responsible Chocolate
A smart local option is Raiz The Bar, who have a special Valentine's gift box of their certified organic, raw vegan, paleo, kosher, zero refined sugar, bean to bar collection, available online or at Green Common, Park n' Shop and Fusion stores. We also like Divine Chocolate, available at Kubrick's, among other shops.

6. A LUSH Valentine

We love LUSH's themed collections! Among the stellar Valentine's Day items are The Kiss Lip Gloss, infused with Fair Trade shea butter, and the Two Hearts Beating as One Bath Melt, a perfect union of rose and almond oils.

7. Spa Visit
An experience and time together rather than something material can be a welcome eco-friendly alternative. Coconut Matter has the gift for the couple that loves to unwind: an all-organic massage (HK$1120/60 mins, HK$1400/90 mins per) at Sparadise on 60 Wellington Street, featuring a scalp massage, skin brightening body scrub, warm shower and gentle full-body massage.

8. Reduce
And remember, wherever you can, opt for products with limited or no packaging. And if you include a card, re-purpose old magazines, cards and postcards to make something unique for your love!

Have A Happy Valentine's Day!

By: Joanne Williams


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