Ecochic design awards

Ecochic design awards

30 April, 2012
Redress on the runway
Eco fashion show in Hong Kong huge success

Organized by Hong Kong eco-fashion charity Redress, a gala was held at the W Hotel this past month to reveal the winner of the Ecochic Design Award competition. As part of the event, a runway show featured ready-to-wear upcycled fashions and eco-couture from notable designers from around the world, including Hong Kong based Dorian Ho and Johanna Ho.
Highlights included a colourful gown made from factory fabric scraps, plastic water bottles and straws by Philippine designer Oliver Tolentino; an elegant black gown made from beads and organic cotton by Hong Kong’s Koyo William Cheung; a vintage gold lame off-the-shoulder cocktail dress by Bobette New York; and one-of-a-kind recycled paper headpieces by Pauline Yau. For the up-and-coming young designers who made it into the final competition, this was an exciting night as their creativity and hard work were on display in the stylish designs they had created from textile waste. Judges for the competition included Damien Dernoncourt, CEO of John Hardy, Annett Koeman, Vice President of Esprit de Corp (Far East) and Hong Kong celebrity style icon Hilary Tsui. Local designer Janko Lam won the competition with her collection of unique pieces inspired by tree rings. She will have the opportunity to do an internship with notable eco-fashion label From Somewhere, in the United Kingdom, and to have her collection produced and sold in Hong Kong’s Esprit stores. With 10 million tones of textiles waste being dumped in Europe and the United States and Hong Kong discarding 253 tonnes of textile waste annually, it is not just those in the fashion and textiles industry who can do more, but consumers who can be the driver of change.
The next time you consider throwing away your clothes, think about instead donating them or exchange them with friends or at a swishing event. Better yet, before you decide on your next purchase, consider how your existing wardrobe can be revamped, redressed and renewed!

By: Karry Lai


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