13 April, 2016
Eco-friendly mobile phone accessories
Sustainable reclaimed teak designs that actively contribute to the environment

ETEAQ sells uniquely designed, eco-friendly mobile phone accessories made from reclaimed Javanese teak wood, the sales of which actively contribute to the environment through the planting of new trees – a world first. In isolated rural parts of Java Indonesia, many residents still build their houses using locally sourced teak wood and rebuild once every three generations in accordance with the tradition that there should be a fresh, fortuitous dwelling for new residents. ETEAQ takes the unwanted, beautiful and naturally aged teak wood from old Javanese houses that would otherwise go to waste and repurposes them into stylish tech accessories for the modern consumer.
As part of a unique, first-of-its-kind business model, funds raised from each ETEAQ product sold go entirely towards the planting of a new tree; in this sense the customer adopts a tree and can track its journey. Each accessory is engraved with a unique serial number that allows the customer to locate the whereabouts of their adopted tree on TreeTracker (US patent pending), a web app developed by ETEAQ that utilizes Google Earth to show you exactly where you are giving back to the environment.
ETEAQ’s first collection includes iPhone cases (SE/5x/6x/6xP), as well as a universal phone dock and a universal tablet stand – all of which come delivered in beautiful, handmade, and sustainable gift boxes, making ETEAQ products perfect as gifts for friends and loved ones.
All month long, ETEAQ is running a fundraiser campaign on Indiegogo to help spread the word of what co-founder and CEO Bas Fransen calls “a revolution in sustainable consumerism.” The proceeds of this fundraising effort will go towards developing ETEAQ’s next-generation tracker technology for enhanced functionality on iOS and Android web platforms for greater transparency throughout the process - from wood sourcing to product sale to tree planting. Funds raised will also go towards supporting the expansion and development of ETEAQ’s product line, and ultimately planting more trees.
Through ETEAQ’s Indiegogo campaign website, customers have access to a range of special perks and new products not yet officially released for sale on the company website. And it gets better – ETEAQ is offering an exclusive “secret” perk available only for Ecozine subscribers in Hong Kong. This amazing deal includes an iPhone case and universal phone Dock for just USD69 (HKD535) plus USD10 shipping (HKD77), which is a generous 30% off the original price. First come, first served: there are only 100 available.
To learn more about ETEAQ’s mission and its products, visit

To support ETEAQ’s fundraising efforts on Indiegogo and claim the “Ecozine Special” Case + Dock perk, read more here.

By: Jennifer Khoo


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