Films on Food

Films on Food

10 June, 2016
Organic Living
5 top films that hone in on one of the buzziest topics of the decade: organics

When we use the word organic, it usually refers to the food we eat. Organic food is food that is grown without the need for pesticides, antibiotics, hormones or synthetic fertilisers.
But why do we now place so much value on an organic or natural label, after having industrialised our food production for years, to a point beyond recognition?
Find out for yourself through our list of film recommendations.
Food Fight: The Debate over GMO Labels (2013)
In regards to food, the main aim of GMO is to help make our food source more resistant to diseases and to return a bigger harvest. But there are insufficient long term studies to conclude what types of health risks may come with these short term benefits. The main question in this film is not whether or not GMOs should exist, but if it should be compulsory for producers to differentiate between GMO and non-GMO foods through labelling.
One Day in the Life of a Rice Farmer (2012)
From the growing to the selling of rice, this quaintly watchable documentary showcases a normal day in a rice farmer’s life, and how rice is produced. Each step in the process forms part of a self-sustaining system, perfected over centuries. Refreshingly, the entire short film eschews music or even commentary and instead relies on the ambient sounds present in the footage to convey its message.
Hungry For Change (2012)
Based on interviews with health and medical experts, this documentary exposes the truth behind the diet and food industry that keeps people hooked and coming back for more. It uses science to back up claims about the negative effects that food additives can have on our bodies, and makes a solid case for why we can get ourselves out of the diet trap.
Fed Up (2014)
The foods that we eat are actually making us more sick than previously thought. According to this film, the result is that many of today’s children are prone to having a shorter life expectancy compared to their parents. Fed Up suggest ways that society and government can take action to help citizens make dietary choices that combat obesity.
Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead 2 (2014)
The original Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead started off as a story about a man who documented his own 60-day juice diet. However he then came to the realisation that there is a lot more to becoming healthy than he had imagined. In this sequel, he continues his quest to educate himself about a healthy lifestyle, this time in relation to the food we eat.

By: Ecozine Staff


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