Fix not buy

Fix not buy

17 May, 2016
Your stuff’s second life
Reduce your waste by simply reusing objects in new ways

Our consumer culture, in Asia as much or even more than elsewhere, is a largely disposable one. Things are readily tossed when something new or better comes along. 
But imagine the amount of waste that could be reduced by bringing back a simple tradition of repairing and re-using household items and garments? Consider that making any new purchase creates waste. A new sweater costs more than the cash you paid for it at the counter – it costs a certain amount of carbon, GHGs and water and other resources to make, package, transport and sell it to you.
So to save cash and do the earth a good turn, why not try to fix first before buying new? With the convenience of making purchases these days, people are losing the ability and desire to fix things.
Before you decide to throw away something, think about how you could give it a second life. There are many creative uses that take just a little household know-how and creativity.
Here are some easy ideas to get you started:
Candle stumps Got a zipper stuck on your luggage? Keep some wax sticks handy if you tend to pack a lot into your luggage.
Shoes A new sole costs far less than a new shoe, and can give new life to your favourite old faithfuls. Boots, dress shoes and high heels are particularly good candidates, as they do not wear quickly except on the bottom. Take this a notch further by asking your shoe repairman to give them a buff and a polish!
Umbrellas Snagged umbrellas are incredibly simple to fix by just sewing a bit of matching material onto the umbrella. Here are more details on how to fix the different parts of an umbrella and save it from the landfill: Images via:

By: Ecozine Staff


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