Fragrance Du Bois

Fragrance Du Bois

23 December, 2014
Responsible & Sustainable
Luxury Fragrance With A Personal & Environmental Touch

Fragrance Du Bois is one of the world's top niche luxury perfume houses. With craftmanship that dates back to the ways of 17th century French perfumers, FDB fragrances are created using 100% pure, organic Oud oil and other sustainably-sourced ingredients.
Its signature range, Shades Du Bois, was produced by combing the olfactory immersion—the isolation of individual senses to promote focus on the scents involved—with the concept of colour personality profiling. Because colours evoke moodes and create connections with certain aromas, the seven fragrances were inspired by seven colours (Rouge, Rose, Violet, Bleu, Vert, Jaune, Orange).
The art of personalization is what sets FDB apart from all the other perfumeries in the world. With boutiques in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Bangkok—and more planned for the Middle East and Europe—, perfume connoisseurs have nothing but good things to say about the rapidly rising perfume house.
FDB works exclusively with its sustainable plantation partner, Asia Plantation Capital. Staying true to its commitment to be eco-conscious while maintaining the art of high quality fragrance and personalization, FDB is the only fragrance house that can guarantee the high quality and authenticity of its Oud, which is 100% pure and natural.
“We are probably the only fragrance house that can boast of the fact that we know the exact source of our Oud,” says Jacinta Rowe, Marketing Communications Director of Fragrance Du Bois. “It is also guaranteed to be both legal and sustainable; certified by both CITES and now IFRA.”
Due to the nature of Oud, less than 7% of Aquilaria trees in the wild contain the resin—the illegal logging of agarwood has been going on for years. The Aquillaria tree is now on the official list of endangered species. Fragrance Du Bois’ partnership with sustainable plantations guarantees the authenticity of its Oud, and the ethical nature in which it is sourced.
Through its partnership with sustainable plantations, Fragrance Du Bois consciously creates products that give back to rural communities, as value-added manufacturing helps to revitalize local economies.

By: Ecozine Staff


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