Getting Organized

Getting Organized

15 March, 2017
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Spring-cleaning is a chance for you to get rid of unwanted clutter and reorganize the house. Let’s admit it, even the most efficient, orderly, and obsessive organization fanatic on the planet has room for improvement. Learn to give everything a proper home—from spare buttons to everyday tools—with some of these clever, easy, eco-friendly storage solutions!

1. Keep Your Things In Sight

One of the most effective ways of getting organized is to keep all your things in sight! This way you will be constantly reminded of what you have in your collection, not only avoiding duplicates, but also increases your chance of using these items! A nice option would be the Muji acrylic storage units, not only does it come in all various sizes, but it would also look super chic in your room with a nice clean look!

2. Organize Your Chargers And Cables

Ever experienced the pain of having your cables and chords all tangled up? Not only does it take forever to untangle but it can make any neat drawer look messy! Try to store your chords with empty toilet rolls, and you can even decorate the rolls to match it with your room décor!

3. Stackables

A great way to declutter your house is to put your items into stackable storage bins. IKEA has a wide array of storage bins with varying sizes and colors, and the Pluggis is one of our favorites! You can put all your items into different categories and pack them into boxes, and then stack them on top of each to save space!

4. Label It

Labeling is key when it comes to efficient organizing. After sorting your items and putting them into their corresponding compartments, use a labelling system to stay in check of what you put where. You can use a marker and write it on washi tapes that could be easily purchased almost anywhere, or for a fancier option, use Dymo Tape!

5. Keeping A List And Checking It Twice

It’s really tough to keep yourself organized if you don’t know what you have in your house, so keep track of what you have laying around. For items which you haven’t used for over a year, you might want to consider throwing them out or donating them, because chances are, you won’t be using them for the next year either!

By: Ecozine Staff


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