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2 May, 2017
H&M "Bring It" Campaign
Collecting Used Clothes

After launching its Garment Collecting initiative in 2013, H&M has collected over 40,000 tones of clothing. Customers can bring in any unwanted or used clothing – from any brand and in any condition – to any H&M store, anytime! Their goal is to is to collect 25,000 tons of clothing per year by 2020. H&M also introduced its first Close the Loop collection made with recycled textile fibers in 2014, taking a step towards closing the loop for fashion. A new exclusive online collection consisting of two Close the Loop products made entirely out of used denim has already been released early February this February. Closing the loop is a central commitment of H&M’s work towards a sustainable fashion future. The aim is to create a closed loop for textiles, so that unwanted clothes can be reused and recycled to create fresh textile fibers for new products. In turn, this will help to save natural resources and ensure that zero garments go to landfill.

The latest ‘Bring It’ campaign hopes to raise awareness on the importance of garment recycling and close the loop on fashion by giving customers an easy solution to hand in unwanted garments so they can be reused or recycled through. By doing so, less garments go to landfill. Have a watch of ‘Bring It’, a film by Crystal Moselle which tells the journey of unwanted garments after they have been donated to an H&M store.

Why H&M?
To provide fashion and quality at the best price in a sustainable way, H&M’s ambition is to work towards a change in the way fashion is made and enjoyed today.

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By: Ecozine Staff


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