30 October, 2014
Japanese Innovation
Lee Gardens launches dining promotions

Opened for around a year now at Lee Gardens One in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Gonpachi is an Izakaya that is quite well-known in Japan.  With beautiful wooden interiors that make guests feel right at home, especially with the tatami mats, Gonpachi features a barbecue izakaya and tempura bar.  Perfect with barbecue izakaya are the 88 selections of sake are available for guests to choose from.
A delightful appetizer is the Crab Roe Dip with Vegetables, including the crunchy Japanese red radish, crisp bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, okra and corn.  The dip is a mixture of Shanghainese crab roe and olive oil and spiced up a little with Korean hot sauce.  The Gonpachi Pizza is an interesting dish that tastes like dumplings, but looks like a pizza-the thinnest pizza we’ve had!  Made with Japanese dumpling sheets, coated with a thin flesh sauce made from a layer of minced chicken meat and cartilage mixed with celery cabbage and leek, the “pizza” is topped with plenty of cheese.  Not to be missed at Gonpachi are of course the kushi ranging from A5 wagyu beef to green peppers.  One of the signature dishes is the hand pounded Seiro Soba made from utensils exclusively ordered from Japan.  The soba are placed into boilin water for precisely 1 minute and 20 seconds to keep it chewy.  While grilled items are the focal point at Gonpachi, the sashimi is fresh and always seasonal, especially with the Sashimi Platter featuring daily fresh catch.
From now until November 16th, Gonpachi, along with 22 other renowned restaurants at Lee Gardens are participating in the “LEE GARDENS Only Exclusive Cuisines” to satisfy the taste buds of food enthusiasts, presenting exclusive dishes to diners that are unique to the campaign. 
Gonpachi is located at: 4/F, Lee Gardens One, 33 Hysan Avenue, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.  Tel: + 852-2787-3688.  For more information, visit: www.leegardens.com.hk

By: Ecozine Staff


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