Green Halloween

Green Halloween

25 October, 2016
Trick or Treat
Top Tips For An Eco Halloween

Did you know that Halloween is widely believed to have originated in the British Isles from Celtic harvest festivals, which may have pagan roots? Some favorite Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, attending Halloween costume parties, carving pumpkins, lighting bonfires, telling scary stories and watching horror films.

With the big day fast approaching we have some great ideas on how to make the most of the festival without creating lots of waste and maybe saving your self some money!


- Instead of buying decorations, gather supplies for arts and crafts throughout the year.

- Reuse the netting from bags of oranges, cotton wool balls, glass jars, leaves and branches from your garden to create decorations.

- Use clean plastics and cardboard to make Halloween masks.

- Turn cardboard boxes into scary tombstones!

- Reuse your decorations from the previous year.


- Make your own! Keep old clothes that can be used as parts of costumes, like worn t-shirts, trousers or shorts.

- Shop at charity shops instead of buying new costumes.

- Let your kids' (or your own) imaginations run wild! Make a game of turning old clothes into costumes


- Cut down on waste by avoiding plastic disposable cups, plates and cutlery. Use regular dishes instead or buy biodegradable ones.

- Make your own party snacks instead of buying pre made party platters.

- Throw a Halloween Charity Party; charge a small fee with the money going to a worthy charity.

- Hold a Halloween Charity Bake Sale with themed spooky cakes!

- Apple bobbing is a traditional and low cost party game for all ages.

Trick or Treating

- Buy locally produced foods, candies and treats.

- Look for goodies with minimal packaging or those made packaged in recycled materials.

- Buy organic and fairtrade treats.

- Trick or Treat by walking around your neighborhood instead of driving to another one. Reduce your carbon emissions and help keep the streets safe for other walkers.

- For Trick or Treat bags repurpose household items to collect sweets in. A bucket or old even an old bag can be fun to decorate (and reused year after year).


- Buy pumpkins from local markets.

- Don't throw away all the goodness from inside the pumpkin. Toast the seeds for tasty treats and make pumpkin pie or muffins with the fruit.

- After the pumpkin has had its day, compost it, don’t throw it in the bin. You can also compost left over party food too!


You can apply this to all aspects of your Halloween fun! With some forward thinking, reuse as much as you can from year to year. Instead of throwing away an old box, use it to gather all your decorations and craft ideas and keep them for forthcoming years.

By: Ecozine Staff


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