HK’s CSR index

HK’s CSR index

24 April, 2011
HK Quality Assurance Agency
Guiding Hong Kong companies forward in CSR

The HK Quality Assurance Agency launched the HKQAA-HSBC CSR Index in 2009. There are two indices that have been created under this index: the Hong Kong CSR Advocate Index and the HK 100 CSR Index. The indices provide a snapshot of the corporate social responsibility performance of HK organizations ranging from construction and engineering to manufacturing and telecommunications. Based on the new ISO 26000 guidelines, seven core subject areas are covered by the indices. These are: Organizational Governance, Human Rights, Labour Practices, The Environment, Fair Operational Practices, Consumer Issues, and Community Involvement and Development.

In the HK CSR Advocate Index, organizations are evaluated in a five-point scoring approach and recommendations are provided to organizations based on their results. Twenty-five organizations voluntarily participated in the initial benchmarking project, and the average score was 4.53 on a 5-point scale for the 40 CSR practices that have been developed for the index. It was found that companies had well-structured systems in human rights and labour practices, but not many reported their social and environmental performance. While companies did engage in environmental activities, only a few were looking at managing carbon emissions. Philanthropy and volunteerism were found to be the most common community involvement programs.

The HK 100 CSR Index is the second component of the initiative. 100 organizations from 14 sectors were analyzed for their disclosure of CSR issues. The average for the index was 63 on a 100-point scale. Sixteen CSR Disclosure Indicators have been developed for the purpose of the index. Companies were scored with either a “1” or “0” to indicate whether they implemented the respective activities. While education and public service sector organizations were very transparent of their CSR programs, manufacturing, construction and engineering companies provided limited information about their programs. 80% of the organizations disclosed information about their social programs and awareness for the environment is observed to be gradually increasing.

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By: Ecozine Staff


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