John Hardy

John Hardy

21 June, 2012
On Bali’s great green power and potential
Founder, Green School

"It is clear that though John Hardy has retired from the jewelry business, he is far from retired. We caught up with him at his newest project location Pt Bambu; Working harder than ever, John is committed to reinventing bamboo as an internationally recognized building material. Here are some of his inspiring shares.
Ecozine: What projects are you currently working on other than Green School?
John: I’m working on a really exciting project with my daughter, helping her brand her new bamboo furniture company. It’s called Ibukubu, meaning ‘your mother’s small hidden house in her garden’. She has been living in New York for the last while and is on her way to Bali as we speak. I’m also going to speak at Ted in Oxford in July. And I have no idea. Every time I talk to people I just have no bloody idea what I’m gonna say! I’m developing and thinking about it every moment.
Ecozine: What’s your dream for the Green School?
John: I just hope – and this is a dream, 20% of our students are Balinese on scholarship – I hope this will bring us some green leaders into Bali in the next ten years, 15 years. Kids that really have a world view and see what Bali really could be.
Ecozine: What is your view on Bali as an international tourist destination?
John: If you think about the size of Bali, it’s really silly how small it is but how powerful it is. Richard Branson was here last week, James Cameron and his wife this week. Hopefully they will be coming to this school. So Bali realy has the power to be influential. The majority of people come to Bali because it’s cheap. So what would happen if Bali was helped by these people with big resources to become, say, an island of electric cars for instance. Or a light rail system that kept the rice paddies from being turned into freeways, which will happen eventually. Geothermal power and hydro from the rivers and solar that take Bali off the grid. We’re just a minute in time away from organic agriculture. Why not? Why not have range fed chickens instead of factory chickens. And it wouldn’t really cost that much! So the magic of Bali is they have a very resistant culture. People thought Bali would be spoiled in the 70’s, in the 80’s, in the 90’s. But Bali somehow spoils the people that come. I’m dreaming about what would happen if families and kids and young kids and backpackers came to Bali to experience a version of a sustainable future.
Ecozine: Anything else we should watch out for?
John: The Aga Khan Award for Architecture. They’re architectural awards that take place every three years. They’re about people who are having an influence on the world. We [Green School] are in the finalist group this year. Out of 400 entries there are 21 finalists. An advocate comes and studies you and reports back to the judges. We’re also building Bali’s first two electric cars. And we’re going have a Green Prix. It’s going be a two-car race, from Ubud to the Green School. The “Green Prix” – two bamboo cars. And who knows, I might change the world. Maybe next time you come this will be a green car factory! John Hardy lives with his family in Bali, Indonesia.
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