John Hardy

John Hardy

11 June, 2012
Sustainable luxury
Jewels that take responsibility

Jeweller John Hardy, based in Bali and Hong Kong offsets the carbon emissions of its print advertising, business air travel and electricity use by planting bamboo seedlings on Nusa Penida, an island close to Bali. This offset is well complemented by pieces in the Baboo Collection, a collection of pieces that depict bamboo saplings and leaf shoots in simple and intricate designs. Details of the specific number of bamboo planted for each piece purchased is engraved on the back of the jewellery. Recycled silver and gold are also used in John Hardy’s collections.
The company ensures that metals and stones do not come from illegal mining or forced labour. With more than 600 artisans and workers in Bali, John Hardy factory premises include an organic farm that produces enough food to feed the workers and their families. Other initiatives include a woman’s mud wall co-op and a mid-wife clinic. These workers use traditional Balinese handmade techniques in their creation of jewellery. Sustainability is also observed in the company’s offices in Hong Kong. The office space is designed using only natural, non-toxic materials.
The company’s original founder John Hardy also opened a green school in Bali that is built from bamboo and mud bricks, powered by renewable energy. Students learn about food production and managing waste through managing and cultivating the school’s Permaculture system.
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