Kinder jewels

Kinder jewels

1 December, 2012
Top buying tips
Choose baubles that don't hurt the Earth

Looking for a present for that special someone? Make the occasion even more meaningful by purchasing planet friendly jewellery. We round up the latest trends for trinkets so you can keep them in mind when shopping for that timeless gift.
1. Guilt-Free Rocks
Mining for precious gems leads to local environmental degradation, not to mention the notorious problems of slave labour and funding of violence in places such as Africa. Choose diamonds from certified fair trade sources to make sure you are not buying blood diamonds.
2. Vintage Gold
Pick gold with care to avoid “dirty gold”. Find out how materials such as gold, silver and other metals were made, and ask for certifications. Consider opting for jewellery that is made from melting existing jewellery, reducing the need to mine for more minerals.
3. Upcycled Art
Simple everyday objects such as coins, toy figures, vinyl records and even dining utensils can be, and have been, turned into a one-of-a-kind design pieces with a little creative tweaking. Look for these unique finds in vintage stores and local artisan shops. Being able to avoid precious minerals is an added bonus.
4. Objects with a Past
Love a little mystery when receiving gifts? Authentic jewellery pieces made from silver that had former lives as spoons and forks are not only creative and beautiful, but make great conversation pieces.
5. Go Earthy
While a plantable pendant might not last long as a “regular” necklace, it certainly will attract a lot of attention and you will get a new plant along with it, and that is certainly a long lasting and beautiful gift.
6. Minimal Packaging
Jewellery is very often over-packaged with foam padding, boxes, glossy bags and ribbons. Ask for your purchase to be packaged minimally, or in a box you can re-use. Or ask for no packaging, and “wrap” the trinket in a recycled or re-usable box or bag at home. Consider nestling the trinket in a beautiful piece of silk or a reusable pincushion rather than a piece of felted foam.
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