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12 November, 2015
Ban the Ivory Trade
Urgent call on the HK Government to impose a complete ban on the trade of Ivory

“No one needs ivory tickets and products of any kind, but the world does need elephants”, said Sean Lee-Davies, the founder of Project C: Change. This past Wednesday, he brought celebrities, business leaders and conservationists together to call on the Hong Kong Government to impose a complete ban on the Ivory trade. Dr. Allan Zeman, Alex Hofford, Charles Bedford, Gavin Edwards and other VIPs attended the press conference to show their support.
Since 1980s, tens of thousands of elephants are dying every year for the illegal ivory trade – up to 33,000 elephants are poached each year for tusks, which is one every 15 minutes! Hong Kong has been a hub for the global ivory trade for more than a century, as a result of the region’s high overall trade volumes, easy access to Mainland China, and lax regulation and supervision. When the International Commercial Ivory Trade Ban was published in 1989, Hong Kong held 670 tonnes of ivory, the origin of which was highly dubious. Ivory trade didn't stop there, the situation has continued over the last 26 years. Today, it is an urgent issue requiring the collaborative support from the government, the business, and the public.
While Sean applauds the Government’s January 2004 commitment to destroy 29.6 tonnes of ivory that has been seized since 1976, he argues that there is still much more that needs to be done to curtail this destructive trade. Suzzane M. Gendron from Ocean Park highlighted the important role of the Government in abandoning illegal ivory trade. The current lack of governance and supervision means there are very few meaningful checks to ensure the ivory is from the original stock and not from recently poached elephants. In positive news, this September a joint declaration was signed by the Presidents of The United States and China ending all commercial ivory sales. WildAid and African Wildlife Foundation recommend that the HK Government should join this announcement to act and legislate on all domestic ivory trade, it's time to take action!
The majority of speakers at the Love Is Wild event emphasized the importance of educating the public on the harmful nature and cruelty surrounding the way in which elephant ivory is obtained. Elephants are often senselessly shot and killed before being brutally mutilated as their tusks are hacked out. It’s a harrowing image when you see it, but something that everyone thinking of buying ivory should see. The lower the public demand for ivory, the fewer elephants need to die. While there is still a small part of legally available ivory from elephants that die naturally, the high demand for ivory means these sellers need to wait a long time before making a profit. 
It's reassuring to know that in a recent poll, 75 per cent of the Hong Kong public interviewed supported a ban on ivory sales. This shows the most people realize how damaging it is to elephants and thier ecosystem. So now, it’s time to take action - Not only the elephants, but to ensure the preservation of all endangered wildlife! 
The Love Is Wild fine art photography exhibition by Sean Lee-Davies is on display throughout November in various locations around Hong Kong. The breathtaking collection of photos took 5 years to produce all and has already held 8 exhibitions throughout Africa and Asia. The exhibition is designed to raise awareness and funds in Asia, with proceeds from the sale of prints going directly to participating charities, such as Wild Is Life, International Anti Poaching Federation, TNC and WWF-Hong Kong. The money raised will help fight on the ground to combat illegal poaching and habitat destruction.
You can catch the Love Is Wild Exhibition at the follwing locations: 
November 14th 10am to 18pm at Liang Yi Museum (Conservation Talks & Book Launch)
Except Exhibition, they will have speakers to present speech from 1-3pm, including Doug Woodring, Rosana Ng, Laurei Chor, and Sean Lee-Davies. 
For more information, please click here
November 12 – 17th at Liang Yi Museum
181-199 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

November 21-27th at Galerie Huit
Shop2, SOHO 189 Queen’s Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

November 26th  Island Shangri-La (Auction for charity)
Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road, Central, Hong Kong

December 1st at The Straights Room (Sell and Auction)
The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

With increased awareness and education, we can get closer to our target of banning the trade of ivory. Let’s joint hands together to DO to protect our beautiful wildlife!

By: Kathy Yin


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