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Lush Cosmetics

24 March, 2017
6 Years On From Fukushima
Start Your Journey With Knot Wrap

Lush is introducing two new limited edition Knot Wraps made with organic cotton in support of the regeneration of damaged farmland and revitalization of the local community in Fukushima.

Launching in Lush shops worldwide, on
the 6th anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and available in two designs, ‘Koi’ and ‘Mixed Fruit’, the Knot Wrap is inspired by the Japanese art of ‘furoshiki’ and can be used as a reusable and versatile alternative to gift wrap.

The hope of Fukushima woven into each one

Despite the radioactive level of the local agricultural products being tested continuously and proven to be safe, many farmers in the region have found it difficult to sell their products after the nuclear disaster six years ago.

To move forward, they began cultivating cotton and rapeseed as alternative crops with the aim to regenerate, not only Fukushima’s land, but the local communities as well. Enterprise Cooperative, Iwaki Otento SUN, whose aim is to create Fukushima’s new future by harnessing renewable energies, worked closely with farmers to harvest the organic Japanese cotton, which is woven together with US organic cotton for these two special Knot Wraps.

The hopes of Fukushima’s people are embedded within the products that are made here, so when our customers around the world use and reuse these two new Knot Wraps in their daily lives, it will both support the regeneration of the area and help to secure the future of the families who live there.

You can follow the journey of the Knot Wraps online and see how other people are using theirs around the world with our interactive map at, where you can also find lots of useful content on the endless ways in which this ecological gift wrap can be reused.

Drop of Hope gourmet soap

This gourmet soap is made from oil extracted from the rapeseed plant cultivated by Minamisoma Agriculture Regeneration Council in Fukushima.

Previously available for a limited time in Lush Japan only, supply of the rapeseed oil has been increased enabling us to launch it globally online.

Rapeseed has the startling ability to enable
decontamination in radioactive areas, leading to
the regeneration of farmland in Fukushima and
the revitalization of the local community – along
with offering the region a new industry and
helping to establish its financial independence.
What makes rapeseed so useful is its capacity
to remove some radioisotopes from soil,
including irradiated caesium.

Caesium is water-soluble and is therefore taken up in the rapeseed plant while the oil obtained from its seeds remains free from contaminants, able to be extracted and used safely as cooking oil, biofuel and in cosmetics.

Drop of Hope gourmet soap also contains a delicate blend of moisturising silken tofu, protective pioppino mushrooms to keep skin hydrated and is delicately perfumed with orange flower absolute. Lush’s gourmet soaps are made with a rich, in-house, palm-free base, and are created with an assortment of beautiful ingredients, which are often sourced as part of the Sustainable Lush Fund (SLush) scheme.


For more information, visit the Lush website.

By: Ecozine Staff


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