Not So BPA-Free

Not So BPA-Free

16 March, 2017
Water Bottle 101
Get the lowdown on water bottles and check out our top five safe and sustainable picks!

If you are a semi-health conscious water bottle shopper, chances are you know the beef with plastic and BPA. Here’s the down-low: it’s pretty bad for you. Limited exposure to the industrial chemical has been potentially linked with increased risk of breast and prostate cancer, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, reproductive disorder, and other illnesses. Recently, BPA-free plastic water bottles have been taking over the market, claiming to be a safe solution to the health risks posed by plastic products. So are we finally safe from our plastic water bottles?

Unfortunately, no. Research suggests chemical replacements for BPA found in these bottles, a popular one being BPS, is toxic for the human body in other ways (think heart arrhythmia) and contain estrogen-like substances. Aluminum bottles, a popular alternative, are not much better due to its interior lining as well as materials used in the bottle caps, which often contain - you guessed it - BPA. Like plastic, it is susceptible to leaching, and also comes with the danger of its interior lining being compromised by denting. Which ultimately means you’ll most probably be consuming more chemicals than just your regular good ol’ H2O.

If the above information makes you never want to drink from a bottle again, go on a kitchen cabinet spring clean, and start questioning your life choices - we have good news! While plastic and aluminum are off the safe water bottle charts, there are still stainless steel, glass, and natural material water bottles that are healthy and eco-friendly to use. Stainless steel water bottles are a great choice because they don’t leach, are considered safe enough to not require any sort of lining, and are sturdy enough to act as a weapon if you’re ever in a tight fix (fingers crossed you’ll never have to use one)! Glass is also chemical free and, unlike stainless steel, does not affect the taste of its contents. If you’re prone to butter fingers, you’ll be relieved to know that some glass water bottles come with a protective silicon sleeve while others are made of strong glass like pyrex to protect against most bottle-slip casualties.

Read on to learn about our top five in the latest sustainable bottles on the market!

The Classic 27oz by Klean Kanteen - USD $20.95
The Classic 27oz from Klean Kanteen is perfect for those who are always on the-go. Leak and BPA proof with a silicone spout, it promises a 25% higher flow rate. Klean Kanteen started in 2004 to provide a safe solution to single-use waste. water bottles. Today, they are one of the top quality water bottles producers on the planet! Be sure to check out their entire collection here.

Opal Marble from the Elements Collection by S’well - USD $35
Over here we have a beauty of a bottle from S’well’s Elements Collection. Suited in a lovely cream and powder blue gradient with a lovely gloss finish, Opal Marble lets you fashionably say no to paper and plastic, keeps your beverage at an optimal temperature for 12 hot and 24 cold hours, and does not wet your bag with condensation. The 18/8 stainless steel makes it toxin-free, leach-free and BPA free! What are you waiting for? Get yours today and join them on their mission toward plastic bottle extinction and clean drinking water for children!

SPIKED CASH 500ML by bkr - USD $40
“Inspired by the unexpected resilience and confidence you felt after a whirlwind romance and a whirlwind breakup”, the SPIKED CASH 500ML by bkr in opaque army green is THE hottest thing off the water bottle market that is sure to spice up your gym gear! Founders Tal Winter and Kate Cutler created bkr as an anecdote to single-use plastic bottles, making the act of drinking water pure and sustainable joy! Water bottles are made of glass and dressed in a stylish silicone sleeve.

IKEA PS 2017 - HK $59.90
If drinking water out of bottles is not your thing, consider getting yourself the IKEA PS 2017. While not too flashy in the style and naming department, the IKEA PS 2017 allows you to drink water out of a mug everywhere! Designer Iina Vuorivirta said she "drew inspiration from regular paper take-away mugs and use the benefits to create a mug that's kinder to our environment". At less than US $6.50, this is quite the steal!

Bamboo SPORT by Not Just A Bottle - USD $37
Last but not least, we have Bamboo SPORT from Not Just A Bottle. A revolutionary amongst water bottles, it is crafted from sustainable Luong bamboo and silicone (natural rubber). Bottles are individually handcrafted and comes with a unique appearance and pattern, can contain temperatures up to 200 degrees, and is completely recyclable. Purchasing the bottle also supports Martin Elsøe Jensen and Frantz Byrch Pedersen’s wonderful initiative of provide clean drinking water worldwide.

By: Lydia Hon


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