One Bottle, Global Impact

One Bottle, Global Impact

10 November, 2015
The HeroesToo Foundation
Global MessageBottle crowdfunding campaign launched on Indiegogo

Did you know that one recycled bottle could save enough energy to run a 100-watt light bulb for four hours? Introducing MessageBottle from Hong Kong environmental NGO, The HeroesToo Foundation. The message behind, or ‘on’ should I say, the MessageBottle is pretty straightforward. By supporting this campaign, you are not only helping to reduce unnecessary plastic waste, but you also have the opportunity to tackle issues like hunger, poverty and education etc.
Billions of single-use plastic bottles end up in landfill sites and the oceans, causing harm to the environment and wildlife. Just by switching over to using a reusable water bottle, you are already making a positive impact on the environment. Raymond Yap, Founder & CEO of The HeroesToo Foundation said, “It’s your cause and your solution! With your support, our MessageBottles will create a tipping point enabling a paradigm global shift in protecting the environment, so join us as your contributions as the single purchase of one bottle will lead to global impact.”
Initially named the Cause Bottle, the design of this bottle came into being after ‘The Cause Bottle Challenge’ Design Competition through GrabCAD, an online community of over 2.3 million engineers and designers. Chicago Designer, Jacob Stanton’s design was the one chosen for the bottle and will be manufactured once funding goals are achieved through the crowdfunding website, Indiegogo.
While there is a wide selection of reusable bottles available on the market, not all of them are deemed safe for your health due to chemical leeching from either plastic or aluminium when exposed to heat. Made with double walled, vacuum insulated stainless steel, they are BPA free, so you can guarantee that this bottle will not contaminate your drink if you accidently leave it out in the sun. Yes, it is dishwasher safe too! There is also the added benefit of keeping your drinks hot for 12 hours, or cold for 24 hours, which is great for people who are always on the go. On hot sunny days or when you are thirsty for a cool beverage, there is enough neck space to drop in a few ice-cubes.
This crowd funding campaign launched on 28th of October 2015 runs for 40 days. The sale of each bottle will fund the United Nations 2015 '17 Global Goals, For Sustainability Development.' You can choose from one of the 17 causes that is meaningful to you on the MessageBottle and it will show people that you care. The first production run of the campaign features a Green Climate Action bottle, and all proceeds from this batch will go directly towards The HeroesToo Foundation’s EcoPledge Program.
EcoPledge is a great program that engages youth, companies and individuals to reduce their carbon footprint and to adopt a sustainable lifestyle. They do this by holding school assemblies, and drama workshops in order to make sustainability education more fun and easy to understand. This will show students how to make pledges, cut back on wasteful habits and monitor their own progress. Residents of Hong Kong, Canada, United States and United Kingdom, you are in luck because the first stage of this global program is being targeted to schools in your country.
With only 27 days left as of today, you can show your support for this charitable campaign by heading on over to the following link:
Also check out the Global Goals website to see the 17 different causes.
More information about the EcoPledge Campaign can be found on:

By: Abbe Ho


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