24 November, 2015
The healthiest week of your life
Secret Ingredient helps lead a healthy lifestyle to stay fit and strong

Only one week left! Secret Ingredient has partnered with Genie Juicery and NOSH Meals to provide a healthy, delicious and nutritious detox bundle – the first of its kind ever realised in Hong Kong!
This fabulous idea was come up with founder of Secret Ingredient and NOSH, Max von Poelnitz, “both the Juice Cleanse and the Detox movement have taken Hong Kong by storm but we always felt that the key to a healthy lifestyle was the right balance in what you eat and drink each day, not just once in a while.” He explains: “This year, before the holidays and the time of year that can only be described as an extreme feasting, we want to help customers shed weight and feel healthy while also getting a truly nutritious week under their belts." 
Secret Ingredient will partner with Genie Juicery in this November to offer a three day juice cleanse followed by three days of lunch and dinner created by the master chefs of Secret Ingredients and NOSH Meals. A wide range of cold pressed juice cleanses is available to suit your individual needs and goals, along of NOSH's healthy lunch dishes. All packages are made with biodegradable material and deliver straight to your office desk or cozy dining table at home.
In this busy city where work-life balance and the stresses of day-to-day can sometimes be overwhelming, they are trying to make it as easy as possible to help people take care of their bodies to stay fit and strong. "Your body is designed to detoxify naturally; although it is rarely given the chance. It is so important to take time out from our busy lifestyles and concentrate on our health and nutrition. With this pack it makes this procedure stress-free." says the founder of Genie Juicery, Melanie Barnish. 
It's pretty simple to have the healthiest lifestyle, just follow the steps below: 
1) Go to Secret Ingredient website and find the Detox Bundle. 
2) Choose home or office delivery. 
3) Sit back and let them deal with the rest. Genie will deliver to you daily your juice cleanses and following your 3 day cleanse, Secret Ingredient will deliver both your NOSH Meals and SI dinner options fresh everyday. 
The 6-day Detox Bundle is priced at HK $2400 for a single person or HK $4200 for two people, which is less than HK $400 per day! Upon ordering, you will need to confirm your juice cleanse preference as well as any food allergies and meal preferences. All fresh, all healthy. 
This offer is good through November, so this is your last chance to take advantage of this cool detox deal before the season of indulgence offically begins! 

By: Ecozine Staff


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