Plastic Pollution Film

Plastic Pollution Film

24 February, 2017
There Is No Away, This Is Where It's Going
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Watch stunning new footage of Plastic Pollution. Take action now!

Many speakers and leaders have focused on Southeast Asian nations being the "sources" of plastic pollution in the oceans. But we know that the real sources of plastic pollution in waterways and on land are the multinational corporations that make single-use plastics, not the people of Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia who continue to battle this onslaught of unnecessary and toxic waste.

Recently, a team of artists, scientists, students, and filmmakers including our very own Lisa Christensen traveled between Bali and Komodo for The Island Dragons to Debris: An Oceanic Society Expedition Project to analyze the impacts of plastic pollution in the region.

During the trip, the teams encountered large amounts of plastic waste on land and water in areas that are frequented by tourists as well as those in remote parts with very few inhabitants. The most common plastic waste found was single-use plastic cups, straws, food packaging, and plastic bags. Some of the participating groups were Coral Triangle Center, Seatime Inc., Drifters Project, Plastic Free Island, Adventure Scientists, Hong Kong Cleanup, Oceanic Society, Refined Travellers, Mission Blue, Watamu Marine Association and Ecozine.

Today, the first of the stunning footage from that expedition was released as a call to action to citizens around the world: Stop using single-use plastic, and actively demand that industry stop making it, too.

Single-use plastic does not simply go "away." It all goes somewhere. See in this incredible short film where it ends up: along shorelines and in landfills, in backyards and shallow waters.

Please share this video and encourage your followers to take action toward a solution.

We can all refuse single-use plastic, and we can work with our neighbors to change local policy and to demand better alternatives.

Let's work together to stop single-use today!

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Video production by Kit Evans. Take action now!

By: Ecozine Staff


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