Power-Smart Office

Power-Smart Office

29 March, 2016
Top Workplace Energy Tips
Simple ways to cut power bills and help the planet

Conserving energy can help you save a bunch on your utility bills while doing good for the environment since electricity generation creates a large portion of the greenhouse gas emissions that contributing to climate change. Here are a few simple ideas for a more energy conservative office environment.
• Windows should be well insulated to minimize heat escaping during winter and maximise the effectiveness of A/C in the summer.
• For lighting, use LEDs and/or compact fluorescent lights. Turn off lights when not in use.
• Air conditioners should be cleaned and filters replaced regularly to maximise their efficiency and lifespan. A/C should be turned off when leaving the office, and during periods of low occupancy, turn on A/C only in areas that are occupied or keep the temperature.
• Many offices keep the temperatures lower than necessary; try setting temperatures at 25.5 degrees Celsius. Use fans for cooling and air circulation, to minimize A/C usage. In the office, have 'dress casual' days to reduce the need for air-conditioning. Or consider adjusting the regular office dress code (such as not requiring jackets) so staff can be comfortable without blasting cold air.
• Check for flickering light and leaky A/C pipes, since they are a nuisance and waste energy. 
• Encouage staff to turn off computer monitors and set computers to hibernation or sleep mode at night or when not in use.
• Control the amount of wasted energy with power strips and energy efficient thermostats, so equipment is totally turned off instead of being on sleep mode and users can control settings easily for comfort levels.
• Consider in investing an energy audit to find out where you can save.

By: Ecozine Staff


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