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Pret A Manger

3 March, 2017
New Menu
Not Just For Veggies

This spring, Pret A Manger is launching a new selection of salads, sandwiches, and sweet treats along with their “Not Just For Veggies” campaign that tells us we don’t have to be a vegetarian or vegan to enjoy meat-free eating! The aim is to encourage veggie choices by making such choices easy and delicious to meat and veggie lovers alike. We were delighted to be invited for a special taste-sesh.

Read on below to see our 3 TOP must-try's:

- Chia Strawberry & Coconut Yoghurt (Vegan): We loved the rich creaminess of the Coconut Yoghurt, and felt that it paired really well with the chia Strawberry and non-dairy granola which gave it the perfect tart vs sweet balance. Can’t believe it’s dairy-free!

- Chargrilled Peppers & Parmesan on Pumpernickel (Vegetarian): The peppers were very fresh and gave the salad an extra pop of colour! The toasted pine nuts were crunchy and went very well with the Greek Style yoghurt. The slice of wholegrain and wheat free bread was also super delicious!

- Green Poke Pot (Vegan): Ideal as a side dish. The edamame, peas and avocado brings the beautiful green color as well as protein, healthy fats and fiber. It is light and provide a nice balance from the more sweet and tangy tastes of the two other dishes.

For a full list of Pret locations in Hong Kong visit here


Pret reduces food waste while at the same time supports local charities (including Feeding Hong Kong, Christian Action and Ark Association) by sending all unsold sandwiches their way at the end of each day. Employees are trained to only provide one napkin per item purchased and to ask customers if they really want a plastic bag.

Packaging is either made from sustainable sources, or from recycled material and is fully recyclable, in the UK. Here in Hong Kong, they are committed to improving their packaging material. Feel free to voice your ideas and concerns on their suggestion box available on their sustainability page.

By: Ecozine Staff


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