Reduce Household Waste

Reduce Household Waste

3 May, 2017
#SweetHomeMakeover Campaign
Carousell Gives Preloved Furniture A New Life

#SweetHomeMakeover campaign shows Hong Kongers how to reduce household waste and make extra cash from preloved home furnishings

Carousell showed Hong Kongers how to turn their unwanted furniture into cash, during the recent Sweet Home Makeover campaign with millennial “furniture collector” Zoe Leung.

Rolled out in March on the Carousell app, Facebook and Instagram, the campaign also revealed that over 50% of participants wanted to dispose of furniture because of changing living arrangements, or the items were no longer needed. The most commonly disposed home furnishings include drawer cabinets, chairs, bookshelves, decorative lights and cushions.

This habit of ‘getting rid of old items just to make room for something new’ was highlighted by Raymond Ho Chun-wai as well. The Chairman of Chu Kong Plan, a local social enterprise specialising in collecting unwanted furniture, he shared that the amount of furniture collected by Chu Kong Plan has increased from 4 tonnes per day in 2013, to 6 tonnes per day in 2015.

Pay to dispose or get paid for preloved items?
The Sweet Home Makeover campaign is a timely initiative by the mobile classifieds marketplace, in light of a recent announcement by the Environmental Protection Department of the HKSAR government that households will soon be charged for solid waste disposal. At 11 cents/litre, families can expect to pay about HK$11 per item when disposing of furniture they no longer need.

Even though the household waste regulation has yet to be enforced, Hong Kong citizens have already started looking for ways to dispose of unwanted home furnishings to save cash and cut down on household waste. One of the increasingly popular ways is to turn items they no longer need into cash, by selling them online.

Carousell experiences double digit growth in Hong Kong
Since Carousell Hong Kong’s official launch in June 2016, the marketplace has been growing rapidly at over 64% quarter-on-quarter growth in transactions from Q1 2016. As of the end of Q1 2016, there are over 4.5 million items on the Hong Kong marketplace. Over 1.4 million items have been sold, and over 50% of them are preloved items. This reflects a growing interest in buying and selling preloved items online in Hong Kong, which is also inline with government initiatives to reduce household waste.

Jia Jih Chai, Carousell’s VP International, remarked, “Living space in Hong Kong is limited and Hong Kongers tend to relocate often. It’s easy to see how disposal of old but usable home furnishing to make space for new ones can affect Hong Kong’s waste situation. We hope that by making it easy for anyone with a smartphone to buy and sell online, we can encourage more people to sell their preloved furniture instead and help to reduce the amount of household waste generated.”

About the Sweet Home Makeover Campaign
Rolled out in March on the Carousell app, Facebook and Instagram, the Sweet Home Makeover campaign brought Zoe Leung, a millennial “Furniture Collector”, social influencer Alice Ha, and Carouseller Ms Pang together to explore a better ways to deal with her excess furniture.

Carouseller Ms. Pang shared her experience. “When my daughter first introduced me to Carousell, I hesitated a little since I thought no one would be willing to buy secondhand goods. But during the process of moving, I realized we have so many things and that our old furniture would not fit in our new apartment. It’s such a waste to dump them in the landfill, so we decided to sell them on Carousell instead. I never imagined selling goods on Carousell would be as simple as just taking a photo and writing a short description! It was very satisfying to see people liked and bought our preloved furniture pieces. These pieces are full of our precious family memories and it’s great to find them a new home.”

Zoe’s passion for upcycling began while she was studying Fine Arts, where she discovered her love of using creative carpentry to breathe new life into old furniture. Since then, she has been a passionate advocate for finding new ways to repurpose home furniture, instead of throwing them away and adding to Hong Kong’s overflowing landfills. To further embrace the idea of recycling pre-loved items, all the tools and accessories Zoe used for the event were sourced from Carousell.
“Many people think ‘dumped furniture’ means ‘rubbish’, but they can actually be quite valuable. Buying and using preloved furniture is not only helps to improve the environment, it also helps you save money when moving”, Zoe shared.

“Upcycling is an easy way to prolong the lifespan of furniture, and people can even sell the pieces on Carousell to earn extra cash.”

Carousell is free to use, and available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store. There’s also a desktop version available at

By: Ecozine Staff


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