26 July, 2016
Natural Remedy
Ecozine tried out the trendy new 'power-up' for water and here's what happened

Are you still tired even after a cup of coffee in the morning? Do you drink enough water but still feel thirsty all the time? Well, that’s me, and I never thought much of it until I learnt about cellular dehydration.
Cellular dehydration is when your cells are depleted with sodium and magnesium, which can be the cause of headaches, constipation, raised blood pressure, fatigue, and frequent urination. World renowned sports scientist Dr. Michael Colgin estimates that more than 90 per cent of the population over 25 years old suffers from this metabolic block that prevents effective passage of water into your cells. This is what Restore aims to solve.

So, what exactly is Restore? Developed in Australia, the 100 per cent natural solution is a concentrate of liquid chlorophyll, stevia extract, and a broad spectrum of organic minerals derived from Himalayan Sea Salt and the Great Barrier Reef. Added into drinking water, it bypasses metabolic blocks in your cells to get water back into your cells.
The product information claims that within 2-4 weeks of daily use, your cellular metabolic function will see improvement, giving you more energy, clearer mental function, and fewer aches and pains, among other benefits. 
Well that sounded pretty appealing, so I decided to put it to the test, and began drinking a litre of water with 5-7ml of Restore solution added, every day.
For the first few days, I started with only a small amount Restore, as was recommended. The water becomes pale green, but it’s hardly noticeable. There’s no difference in taste at first either, but by adding a bit more the water takes on a very faint, and not unpleasant, minty-green aroma.  It's actually a very refreshing drink, especially if kept cool with ice.
I didn’t notice much immediate difference in my energy levels, but I found that my digestion was smoother. At first I thought this simply also be a result of my drinking more water to make sure I get the right amount of Restore intake. But as I increased the amount of Restore in the water, up to the recommended dose, I definitely began to notice more regularity in my bowel movements, and although I was drinking more water, I wasn't actually urinating more - which supports the notion of this stuff actually helping my body absorb water better.
Having used Restore for three weeks now, I feel much more energised, which lasts throughout the day. Waking up in the mornings, I no longer have a parched throat or feel extremely thirsty. When doing physical exercise, I don’t need to drink as much either. The difference, if I pay attention to my body, is noticeable.
For anyone who is frequently dehydrated, irritated, constipated, or just tired, Restore is definitely worth checking out. The fact that it's so simple to use - just add a few drops to your water each day and off you go - make it an easy sell, considering the myriad potential benefits. It could very well be the next revolution in natural health support. I'm certainly convinced!
In Hong Kong, currently Restore is available at Stanley Wellness Centre and Dr. Lauren Bramley Clinic.

By: Jamie Chan


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