28 October, 2015
New Opening
Delicious coffee, organic foods, wellness workshops and more at Caine Road shop

The first SpiceBox store opened in 2012, bringing organic treats and ingredients to the hip and healthy Sai Ying Pun crowd. Now, this socially conscious company has answered an increasing demand for organic products by opening a second location at Caine Road, as a celebration of the company’s 3rd anniversary, called SpiceBox Organics Market & Cafe. 
The new store is one-stop-shopping for all kinds of organic needs – food, lifestyle, health and beauty supplements, and even eco-friendly household goods. In addition, the new SpiceBox  is launching a brand new concept – 'SpiceBox Fresh', which provides homemade ready-to-eat health foods including beautifully presented 'salads-in-a-jar', green juices from local seasonal produce, hot and cold homemade wraps and soups... as well as loads of lovely fresh take-home foods such as gluten-free ladoos, vegan dips and sauces, coconut yoghurts, organic produce, all free of preservatives, chemicals and additives.
But wait, there's more, and possibly the most exciting new development yet: inside the 900 square foot shop on Caine, SpiceBox now offers customer on-the-go organic fair trade coffee. Can't do dairy? Nooo problem. Try soy, almond or coconut milk. Bulletproof coffee is also on the menu, as well as natural coffee alternatives. Plus, for those who would like to unwind on the way home from a long work day, they have organic wine until 8pm!
Over the years, SpiceBox Organics has continued with their commitment to being 'more than a food store'. They focus on the sourcing and distribution of healthy and tasty high-quality food with minimal carbon footprint, as well as to encourage fair-trade and local producers and suppliers.  But they also inspire and educate the local community on making better food choices, by holding cooking and wellness workshops on healthy eating. You can follow their facebook or website for event updates.
The founder of SpiceBox, Punam Chopra, has twenty-year experience in the health and fitness industry in India, Canada, New York and Hong Kong. She is a holistic health counselor certified by the  Integrative Institute of Nutrition and American Association of Drugless Practitioners, and believes the combination of nutrition and holistic approach to health are vital to her customers and to her business.  And business is growing; “I’m proud to say that we now have over 1,000 products to choose from – all meticulously sourced”, she proudly notes.
Feel free to drop by the new location at 137 Caine Road in Midlevels, Hong Kong, or the original location at 72 Third Street, Sai Ying Pun, and browse the impressive selection of goods.

By: Kathy Yin


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