Student-led change

Student-led change

18 June, 2013
B.E.S.T. Expo
Chinese International School students showcase environmentally sustainable transport

Our younger generations hold the key to the future of our planet: themes of sustainability, conservation, and environmental stewardship are increasingly prevalent in our education systems – and the students get it. The health of our planet determines the health and productivity of societies, and it is warming to see students taking initiative to influence their communities.

Driven by the desire to tackle morning traffic congestion in their community, eight Year 11 and Year 12 students at Chinese International School put together an inspiring and engaging event to showcase sustainable transport, looking at the causes, effects and solutions of traffic congestion in Hong Kong, as well as the various related issues. With the guidance of 3 teachers, this organizing committee caught the attention of Tesla, Nissan and JCAM.

Standing for “Bringing Environmentally Sustainable Transport,” the B.E.S.T. Expo brought together students and teachers from several international schools, corporate representatives, NGOs, government officials, as well as members of the general public. The work that these students put into organizing the event was evident - arranging an electric vehicle showcase, leading workshops, and garnering the support of three distinguished speakers: Christine Loh, HKSAR Undersecretary for the Environment; Paul Zimmerman, Southern District Councilor and CEO of Designing Hong Kong; and Sum Yin Kwong, CEO of Clean Air Network.

Kendra Cui, a Year 12 student in the organizing committee, felt that the level of enthusiasm and participation throughout the day was electric. She said, “For many attendees, one of the highlights of the day was trying out electric vehicles, motorbikes and segways on display. Discussion was intense, yet thought provoking, and many attendees learned to consider the issue of congested and polluting traffic from a myriad of perspectives.”

Interested in exploring more environmentally sustainable transport options? Earlier this year we wrote about some luxury eco cars available in Hong Kong. Read more here.

By: Esther Wong


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