20 April, 2017
Set to Satisfy Carnivores & Vegans Alike

Seven years in the making, a game-changing vegan patty that aim to revolutionise the future of food has been born. Being 100% plant-based, with nutritional benefits that weigh in better than its meat alternative, The Beyond Burger looks, cooks, sizzles and satisfies like fresh ground beef, in addition to containing zero cholesterol, no hormones, no antibiotics and with even higher protein content than a beef patty.

The Beyond Burger is available in Green Common Hong Kong, the first store to launch this new breed of burger outside the US.

Named as Fast Company’s ‘Top 10 Most Innovative Food Companies 2017’, Beyond Meat is the pioneer plant-based food tech company behind this ground breaking invention. Backed by Bill Gates and Tyson Foods, the company has received a large following in the US since it was founded in 2009. “Consumer reaction to the Beyond Burger has been amazing, and we know it’s because this burger, made with pea protein, satisfies like a beef burger but with the upsides of plant-based protein.” said Ethan Brown, Beyond Meat founder and CEO. “It represents a decade of research to capture the look, feel, sizzle, aroma and taste of a hamburger.”

“Our goal was to create a burger that could be enjoyed by meat lovers,” Brown said. “We took the essential elements of meat, readily available in the plant kingdom, and arranged them in the architecture of meat. We believe this is the future of protein - fulfilling a growing global taste for meat with plant-based options that offer health, environmental, and animal welfare.”

“I am proud and ecstatic that Hong Kong and Green Common will be the first place outside of the United States to carry the Beyond Burger. Hong Kong, shockingly, is the Top 3 meat consumption per capita in the world according to Livestock and Poultry: World Markets & Trade 2016 Report published by USDA. The launch of the Beyond Burger, along with all Beyond Meat products, not only will blow everyone away with its amazing taste and nutrition profile, but will also mark the official beginning of the food, health and sustainability revolution in Asia.” said David Yeung, CEO and co-founder of Green Monday.

The Beyond Burger and Beyond Burger Plus are available at Green Common Harbour City and Landmark stores. They are made with vegan buns, containing no garlic or onions, thus is Vegan and Buddhist Friendly.

By: Ecozine Staff


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