The Go Cup

The Go Cup

28 October, 2016
Smiley Planet’s Reusable Cup
Say No To Single Use Cups

Hong Kong is a food and drinks paradise; choose from coffee, traditional milk tea, lemon tea or lemonade, the possibilities are endless! Although these drinks all taste wonderful, what about all the waste that's being produced every single day from single use cups.

Did you know that paper cups could take more than 20 years to break down in a landfill, taking up a large amount of space in the city and negatively impacting the environment? Did you also know that only 8% of customers frequently bring their own cup for drinks takeaway in Hong Kong?

Supported by Standard Chartered Hong Kong 150th Anniversary Community Foundation, Smiley Planet has designed a reusable cup, the Go Cup. Made from recyclable PP5 materials, encouraging everyone to become a Go Cup Ambassador to help reduce waste and save the planet.

59% of restaurants in Hong Kong give out a stirrer, and hot-cup sleeve or plastic bag along with a takeaway drink without asking the customer. Go Cup hopes to address this problem by featuring a built-in stirrer, insulating sleeve and top compartment for conveniently holding sugar.

The cup was officially launched on the 25th October together with the ‘bring- your-own-cup initiative’. Partnering with local restaurants, representatives shared why and how they support the project, and the business benefits for the restaurant owners.

By: Dan Marshall-Singh


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