Turmeric Magic

Turmeric Magic

31 January, 2017
Living the Pukka Life
Providing everyday health solutions with herbs like ‘the Golden Goddess’

Pukka is a company who create delicious organic herbal teas and supplements, allowing people to discover and lead healthier and happier lives. In fact, you may already have spotted their products in different stores and cafes around Hong Kong. ‘Pukka’ means authentic and for co-founders Sebastian Pole and Tim Westwell it stands at the very heart of everything they do. They have an incredible range of products, which are all suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike, and are certified organic and against animal testing.

Pukka supplements consist of seven different families, including those for everyday usage, those specifically for women, and those adapted to cleansing and detoxification. The ‘Active’ family products are all derived from turmeric as their key ingredient, which is generally renowned for its common usage as a spice in Indian and Asian cooking, given its vibrant orange colour and textured flavour. While certainly an unmistakable feature in any delicious curry dish, turmeric also boasts some remarkable medicinal benefits, and is even sometimes referred to as ‘the Golden Goddess’. Indeed, it has been used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine for around 4,000 years and modern research has shown that this remarkable spice provides a vast range of beneficial effects on the body.

To begin with, turmeric is a superb anti-inflammatory, meaning it can serve in a non-offensive way as a natural painkiller. Many studies now show that it also has many added benefits for our digestive systems, notably playing a preventative role in the formation of bowel cancers and stomach ulcers. Moreover, turmeric has a stimulant effect on the liver and increases the flow of blood through the hepatic system, helping to dissolve and prevent gallstones, preserving the liver’s vital functions in the long-run. Its usage has proved particularly helpful in other specific concerns regarding women’s health. And if all these positive features on the physical body weren’t enough, there is now widespread evidence to suggest it can help in mitigating brain ailments in the long-run, notably Alzheimer’s. Furthermore, studies have even consistently proved benefits for people suffering from depression, and other mental illnesses.

Pukka Wholistic™ extracts are what differentiates the added benefits of their supplements. They employ supercritical extraction, which is the most effective method for drawing out the fat soluble plant constituents such as the essential oils, waxes and resins. This ensures that they capture the widest possible range of a plant’s active constituents in a highly concentrated form. For example, just two capsules of Wholistic™ Turmeric provides 155mg of curcumin and 55ml of turmeric essential oils equivalent to that found in over 35g of fresh turmeric. This means that while using the raw spice is already definitely beneficial as a daily culinary practice, the supplements contain a much more efficient solution for reaping the exceptional medicinal virtues of turmeric.

As a part of their commitment to helping people lead healthy and balanced lives, Pukka are also dedicated to running an ethical business that respects the relationship between people, plants and the environment; ensuring that all the facets of their production model are contributing positively to a better world. They work in direct contact with over 500 families growing their organic herbs, guaranteeing that they are paid a fair wage and retain a high degree of control over their production. Like the plants they cultivate, Pukka ensures that the professional relationships they entertain are nourished and cared for year after year, and this is both the most sustainable as well as right thing to do.

Their rigorous commitment to sustainability in translated not just in their relationship with their workers, but also to the earth. As an ethical business, they’ve gone out of their way to ensure all aspects of their production model are environmentally-friendly. The company plants over 20 million plants and trees every year, and invests in renewable energy projects and reforestation programs. Moreover, they work in close link with farmers on long-term regeneration projects, which also involves the protection of endangered species. Finally, their products are all produced using FSC certified, recyclable materials and non-harmful vegetable inks.

This wholly conscious approach behind Pukka is directly aligned with Ayurveda, an ancient Indian philosophy guiding and inspiring us in the ‘art of living wisely.’ It is a holistic system which guides us so that we can live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle, all the while nurturing our relations not just with those around us but with all parts of our environment (spiritual and physical!) To find out more about the guiding philosophy behind Pukka, we highly recommend giving co-founder Sebastian Pole’s book a read – accompanied by a delicious organic herbal tea, naturally.

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By: Ecozine Staff


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