World Water Day 2013

World Water Day 2013

22 March, 2013
Water cooperation
Celebrate World Water Day by taking these water-saving challenges!

March 22 is the official World Water Day, as declared by the United Nations and observed by all UN member nations. 2013 is also the International Year of Water Cooperation, and this year’s World Water Day has taken on this theme in reflection.

Did you know that of the world’s water resources, less than 1% is accessible fresh water? In Hong Kong, residents use a daily average of 220 liters of water per person, 10% of which is flushing water. That’s nearly 30% more than the global average!

Green Power is calling all residents to participate in their 5-Minute Shower Challenge. This campaign launched in October 2011, and has since garnered the support and participation of more than 230 schools, 16,000 primary and secondary students, and 5,700 members of the public. In observance of World Water Day, Green Power is inviting Hong Kong once again to take the challenge. Matthew Sin, Senior Environmental Affairs Manager of Green Power, notes that if a family of four each cut their shower time from ten minutes to five, they could reduce carbon emissions by approximately 44kg a year.

Mothers for Mother Nature, a new initiative created by a mother in Hong Kong, aims to conserve water resources by reusing used water for flushing. By saving used water (for example, water collected when you wash your hands or rinse a cup in the sink) in a bucket and then using it to flush a toilet, not only are you saving water, but you also save energy, reduce wastewater emissions, reduce energy usage and other resources required to treat waste water, thereby reducing CO2 emissions. This initiative is still in its first year, but you can support the cause by taking the challenge and pledging your support at Mothers for Mother Nature.

As reported earlier this week, Bay Area residents are invited to San Francisco’s UN Plaza to ‘surf’ a 14-foot plastic wave, made from 6,000 single-use plastic water bottles – the amount that is thrown away every four seconds in the United States! This special event, organized by The Dopper Foundation, aims to raise awareness on how everyone can contribute to cleaner oceans.

How will you be celebrating World Water Day?

Images via:, & Mothers for Mother Nature

By: Ecozine Staff


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