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X factor

27 May, 2013
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What do you think Andre Agassi, The Ambidextrous Tennis Brothers “The Jensens”, The Guy with No Limbs, The Harlem Shake, The best selling R& B artists filmed in a Thrift Shop and the new Wolverine all have in common?
It’s very simple. They all have undeniable X Factor!
Andre Agassi it goes without saying, was heralded the biggest worldwide star in sport’s history, and why do you think that was? Was it because of his good looks and charm? Was it because he had the best service return in the history of the game or was it his charismatic popularity? One might argue that indeed it was a rich mix of both. People coined himself the Rock star of Tennis.
What’s uniquely interesting about Agassi was, he was a crowd pleaser by not caring what the crowd thought of him. He always did what he wanted to do on the court and as a result people were spell blindly captivated and glued to their seats when he played. The crowds came out by the lorry full just to get a glimpse of the star. Agassi just oozed X Factor all over and what’s more it came so naturally from him. He certainly didn’t have to try very hard.
And what about our ambidextrous loving tennis brothers The Jensens. Now these guys demonstrated an uncanny degree of versatility across both their right and left hands when they played tennis. It was incredible to watch. I once had the fortunate luck of being able to watch these guys play live.  Nick name Dual hand Luke and Brother Murphy position themselves with serious edge as they are able to take tactical advantages that other players could only dream of achieving.
The ability to kill it on the court by serving with both hands opened up the field to a world of new tennis strategies that were previously untouched. Now this is what I call true X factor. The Jensen Brothers were a testament to offering true edge.
What edge do you believe your business offers and if you’re not clear or your simply not content with the level of edge your business provides then it’s definitely worth considering and investing time to get clear on. Because left unclear it could prove to be damaging in the long term not to mention very costly for your business. Intervening now could prevent all of that from happening and ensuring your business outperforms at the levels you know it’s truly capable of delivering on.
The Guy with no limbs, the amazing Nick Vujicic has achieved more with no limbs than most people do in their whole lifetime. What is staggering about Nick is he is an author, a musician, an actor, he paints, he swims and the list continues to grow day by day. There is no feat to small or too big for Nick. He just continues to tap into that unparalleled strength and passion for life of his. And as a result he continues to blow the lid of what’s possible and what he can achieve is astounding.
The Harlem Shake has become such a viral sensation. Tell me something that you can’t Harlem Shake it be hard to find? Because the truth of it is, it’s hip, it’s cool and it’s downright trendy. It’s trending and spreading like wild fire.
Businesses could really take a chapter out of the Harlem Shake book sometimes our businesses or our brands can grow in accordance with values like laughter and fun. In many cases those brands and companies do better because they aren’t taking themselves to darn seriously.
Tony Robbins talks about this is his Ultimate Business Mastery program that sometimes the best publicity we can get about our business can come from the association it brings. It doesn’t have to be directly related. Think about this? This is what ad’s do.
What cool associations could you bring into your business that would have people wanting to find out more about what you do whilst not trying to overstate or be too serious about your business?
It’s a completely fresh and innovative new way of relating to yourself and your business and potentially it’ll drive new and interesting people into your business. Let go and think association!
And what about Macklemore and Ryan Lewis the artists who sang in Thrift shop. Now we’re talking how out of the box and risky was that? The artists who sang in a Thrift Shop is the biggest selling single of 2013 with a whopping 510,000 copies sold thus far. The question on everyone’s minds is what have these R&B boys possibly got over us?
Some people say it’s got to be their unequivocal ability to stay true to themselves and be who they truly are. They were committed to staying independent and making it independently. And look now they are the best selling independent distributed recording of all time.
Well and Wolverine 2013 is just Superman 2 in disguise don’t you think? Now common that takes some real X Factor to create. Check him out below:
If you’re really serious about wanting to work on your X factor in your business? If you’re stuck and unclear whether your business has X Factor at all then there is a Program that is coming up that may be perfect for you.
It’s called The Entrepreneur X Factor in Season 2 and performed in 23 cities globally. It’s a series of 1 day Entrepreneurial Events co-hosted by me feminine Heartpreneur, Mike Handcock Entrepreneur giant himself, the Guru Deal Maker Dave Rogers and Stunt Man and Body double Glen Levy.
Check out the link Entrepreneur X Factor www.entrepreneurxfactor.com to find out what benefits you’ll receive from participating and first hand testimonials from participants that have previously attended.
Details are 3rd June Hong Kong Sheung Wan The Pemberton.
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By: Pascale Seiler


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