3 August, 2015
Designing Hong Kong teams up with Bays Area Concern Group to restrict tour bus circulation
30 July, 2015
Zenda Green Energy buys waste cooking oil from restaurants and refines it into clean Biodiesel
30 July, 2015
This year, The Natural & Organic Products Asia fair will be 70% bigger, with over 1,000 brands from 50 countries
27 July, 2015
The prefab structures are durable, ultra-quiet and can even be heated!
23 July, 2015
Over HK$15,000 raised through #CanYouHearUs campaign so far
21 July, 2015
General Motors is repurposing Chevrolet Volt battery covers to create animal nesting sites
20 July, 2015
GR8 Leisure Concept members are helping to conserve and restore vital wild panda habitat
18 July, 2015
Elon Musk announces Model S supercar upgrades and more
17 July, 2015
The government plans to remove the mass of marine debris buildup on Alaska's isolated shores
16 July, 2015
Study reveals Hong Kong displays the world's largest number of ivory items fort sale
10 July, 2015
Reduce fashion waste and stay style savvy by shopping used
7 July, 2015
HK now has the highest density of superchargers of any city in the world

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