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Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Bobsy has been pioneering socially responsible businesses in Hong Kong since 1992. As an ecopreneur, he has sought to build healthy and sustainable communities through ecologically viable food and has founded or co-founded many of the vegetarian eateries that have become the standard bearers of the health movement in Hong Kong—Bookworm Cafe, Life Cafe, and MANA! Fast Slow Food. Since the 90's, Bobsy has been championing the on-going planting of the Lamma Forest and through ABLE Charity, which he co-founded in 1994, efforts to protect and expand the forest continue today. In 2009, his ‘Save the Human! Don’t Eat the Planet!’ campaign won the ‘Best Documentary Award’ at ISHOT HK film awards. No matter the format or the context, Bobsy’s bottom line remains the same: to live a vocation that is socially responsible, ecologically conscious, and of service to humanity and the planet. Currently, Bobsy is working on creating Babylon! The Gathering of the Tribe: An Inspired Cafe, Lounge, & Community in the heart of downtown Central.

Blogging at the Edge of the Shift...

August 5, 2013

Blogging at the Edge of the Shift. Part VIII

You Are Not Alone! - URNA! - May well become the new rallying call, the clarion call if you like, for humanity today.

Humanity today faces unprecedented challenges on a global scale the like of which have not been experienced ever before by any generation no matter how dire historic challenges have been and there have been many. A tragedy is a tragedy and every mother’s lose is a loss for all. Every lose of life before it’s fruition is a tragedy.
Our history is full of wars, famines, natural disasters etc of epic scales and I need not take this point further.
However, what is different for our generations is that for the 1st time ever humans have managed to alter the balance of life on Earth. By irrevocably damaging our life support systems, our Air, Soil & Waters, our capital if you like, we have unwittingly in the name of progress put ourselves into a mega mess of unimaginable consequences.

There are many reasons why URNA! could and possibly should become our wake up call, namely that humans are social and tribal animals and need to feel and live in community to have a sense of purpose and thrive. Today our community is planet Earth.
In numbers we are powerful. History is full of people power moments, when humans acted in unison and transformed their predicaments and I need not take this point any further either.

In my namesake presentation URNA! I make the following statement that “ The healing of the Earth and the healing of the human spirit are one and the same, neither can be achieved without the other.”
By spirit I mean the fundamental belief system, the core depth of us, where values & principles are embedded and who we are as a species, is shaped. Sound familiar ?
Yes I mean our Worldview. For this shapes how we view, how we feel, how we heal, how we simply be. This is where we need healing. This is where change happens. Always has & always will.
Once we understand this, or "overstand" as the late great Peter Tosh* would say, everything changes. I mean everything. It is as if the doors of perception as William Blake put it, are cleansed. Then we see things how they really are and not just how we really are.
“ What the mind doesn’t believe, the eyes won’t see.” Ancient wisdom goes.

A friend asked me a few days ago if I could describe the core issue to sum up what on Earth is going on today in one word ? Geez girl !! I said, you do ask big questions ;-)
“Disenchantment” I replied after 3 seconds of feeling. Why because the dominant worldview of humanity is one of disconnection from the source of all creation. We have learnt how to see Mother Earth as separate from us, something out there and not in here.
The root cause in my opinion.
Collectively humans, having lost any consensus on ultimate meaning and values, have somehow come to agree on economic values, regardless of their religions or political affiliations, as the true meaning and value of life. We have somehow managed to make the  worship of the $$ the universal norm. An acceptable yard stick to measure everything from success to status and well being. Our parents voice still echoes in our minds, “ get a good job, become a doctor or a professor.” Not so that you can heal or so you can teach mind you, but rather so that you can provide for your family and your bank account, full stop.

Ahhhhh!  the folly of human kind, turning our forests, the lungs of the world, into junk mail to advertise air purifiers. Enough said.

“All truth, at all times, passes through three stages, first, it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.” Arthur Schopenhauer
Sound familiar !?

Fortunately, as I state throughout all my blogs, there are hundreds of millions of people today who have shifted their consciousness and are living a different Worldview, one that is enchanted and one that is at one with the source of all creation.

Hence You Are Not Alone!

Until soon.


* I am listening to the inspirational Peter Tosh as I flow this blog.




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