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The world needs you to take on UPS
June 30, 2015

In a previous post, I described why and how I was moved to launch Shark Rescue. Since I’m a conservationist compelled to make a difference, a bit of research helped me realize where I could put my energy. Marine conservation and saving sharks from extinction was a must
I didn’t get caught up with getting everything right and perfect from the start. I believe when time is of the essence it’s better to get out early and correct as you go than to waste time getting everything right. In the years since, we've had many opportunities to step forward and make some noise. Today, we have a new opportunity to make a difference.
Ours is the age of extinctions. Many know how dinosaurs were wiped out from an asteroid blast that decimated life around the planet. Today, we’re in the middle of another wave of mass extinction, but as one article says, “We Aren’t The Dinosaurs, We’re The Asteroid”. From climate change to habitat destruction, introducing toxins into the biosphere to hunting species far beyond their capacity to replenish their populations... We're directly destroying our future health.
Just this week, another high-profile species was confirmed extinct… The Eastern cougar.
With each week that goes by, more species join the list. And once they’re gone, they’re gone forever.
By uniting our energy and focus, many groups and individual people were able to pressure more than 30 airlines to stop serving or transporting shark fin. This is a major accomplishment, yet we still hear of shark fin slipping through. Just last month, fins from endangered scalloped hammerhead sharks coming from Costa Rica were found in Hong Kong.
Within a few months, 200,000 people signed a petition that calls on UPS (the global courier company) to end the transport of shark fin. People have mobilized and groups around the world are about to get full-on to get UPS to do the right thing.
Around the world, on Saturday, 11 July people are joining or running a 'UPS & Shark Fin Global Day of Action'. The action is simple: find a UPS location near you and hold a public event to protest UPS’ shameful responsibility in transporting endangered fins.
To date, events will be held in Atlanta, USA (UPS Headquarters), San Francisco, Miami (UPS Central & South America Regional HQ), Hong Kong (Lai Chi Kok Service Centre), Singapore (UPS Asia Regional HQ), Costa Rica, Mexico City, the UK, and others. Will you join and lend a hand to push for change?
To get involved, please visit here.
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