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Sharon is Canadian, and came to Hong Kong in 2008 from “tree-hugging” Vancouver For the past 15 years, Sharon has been involved with volun-tourism and community-based projects while focusing on building networks with like-minded individuals through education and international development (ID) communities. Keeping the DIY motive at heart, Sharon is in her element when she is working “in the field,” side by side with those tackling pressing environmental and livelihood issues through the implementation of sustainable solutions. Sharon feels that spending a vast amount of her time in direct contact with those in rural villages allows her to stay connected with sustainability initiatives and complexities in those places. Through her trade and travel social enterprise, Common Connections, and her online artisan goods marketplace, Knots & Strokes, Sharon provides the Hong Kong community with true and real opportunities for those seeking meaningful travel and a marketplace for eco-friendly textile products and art. As you connect through this blog, Sharon invites you to share your ideas of new ways to increase awareness for fair trade and to develop eco-friendly alternatives for travel and fashion in Hong Kong. Favorite Quote: “Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.” 
--Victor Hugo

"Make the World Suck Less"

Do Something.Org
September 19, 2014

Check out this organization, Do Something.Org,
An organization for 13-25yr olds with their expectation to be in 10 countries by 2015!  Let’s collaborate with HK youth and help Do Something meet their challenge:  let's make Hong Kong their 10th country!
These young people have great ideas are managing very successful campaigns to make a difference on many fronts.... the environment, food sustainability, equality, poverty alleviation, suffrage, education and more... in fact, do something .org really is working to “makes the world suck less”



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