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Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Bobsy has been pioneering socially responsible businesses in Hong Kong since 1992. As an ecopreneur, he has sought to build healthy and sustainable communities through ecologically viable food and has founded or co-founded many of the vegetarian eateries that have become the standard bearers of the health movement in Hong Kong—Bookworm Cafe, Life Cafe, and MANA! Fast Slow Food. Since the 90's, Bobsy has been championing the on-going planting of the Lamma Forest and through ABLE Charity, which he co-founded in 1994, efforts to protect and expand the forest continue today. In 2009, his ‘Save the Human! Don’t Eat the Planet!’ campaign won the ‘Best Documentary Award’ at ISHOT HK film awards. No matter the format or the context, Bobsy’s bottom line remains the same: to live a vocation that is socially responsible, ecologically conscious, and of service to humanity and the planet. Currently, Bobsy is working on creating Babylon! The Gathering of the Tribe: An Inspired Cafe, Lounge, & Community in the heart of downtown Central.
Commercialising the Sacred
January 13, 2014

Once upon time not so long ago in a beautiful land of hope & optimism we had sacred institutions that were created to serve humanity & the Planet.
Somehow along the way we inadvertently managed to commercialise them.
Our greatest institutions of Education, Health, Medicine & Law have become nothing more than highly profitable enterprises that serve the holy mighty dollar first and foremost, unwittingly operated by the once holy men & women of these institutions that have rendered themselves no more than highly paid glorified pushers for the materialism system dominating our global culture today.

As a result our institutions have lost their integrity in the eyes of the world. Yet today our civic duty and our moral obligations deem that we separate these institutions from the corporations and bring them back to their original purpose which always was to serve the education, the health, the wellbeing & the rights of humanity & our Planet....

August 5, 2013

Blogging at the Edge of the Shift. Part VIII

You Are Not Alone! - URNA! - May well become the new rallying call, the clarion call if you like, for humanity today.

Humanity today faces unprecedented challenges on a global scale the like of which have not been experienced ever before by any generation no matter how dire historic challenges have been and there have been many. A tragedy is a tragedy and every mother’s lose is a loss for all. Every lose of life before it’s fruition is a tragedy.
Our history is full of wars, famines, natural disasters etc of epic scales and I need not take this point further.
However, what is different for our generations is that for the 1st time ever humans have managed to alter the balance of life on Earth. By irrevocably damaging our life support systems, our Air, Soil & Waters, our capital if you like, we have unwittingly in the name of progress put ourselves into a mega mess of unimaginable consequences...

Part VII - You Are Not Alone!
June 21, 2013

Blogging at the Edge of the Shift... Part VII

I recently gave two presentations entitled You Are Not Alone! - URNA! - at TEDx Victoria Harbour & at EcoZine Live here in Hong Kong. They were both powerful and poignant moments in time for me as they allowed me to distill my values & principles, as well as to pin point focus my life long message into one collected & succinct presentation.

I hope both the videos will be released soon on their respective web sites as well as getting it out into the greater world wide web for others to feel & experience.

URNA! needs to be experienced to be felt. One who feels it knows it as the late Bob Marley sings.

I think of URNA! as a tool for change, one that I hope inspires a powerful shift within and one that touches us deep at our core where our values and principles are shaped and formed. I have attempted to explain or make visible an emerging paradigm, a worldview that is...

Part vi
April 9, 2013


The day will come, not too long from now, when humanity will look upon the Industry of Animal Farming in the same way that Human Slavery is frowned upon today.

The journey will not be easy, people will ridicule the thought, oppose it with everything they have, fight it with mind & body... but eventually they will accept it as if it were self evident. Does this sound familiar!? Let’s not forget that it took decades of campaigning & struggle to abolish slavery (1863 in the USA). Let’s not forget that it took decades of shouting & screaming to give women the right to vote (1918 in the UK). Let’s not forget that Universal Suffrage was only granted in 1965 in the USA. Truth will eventually triumph for it is mighty and is etched in our hearts.
As the lord Buddha once said, “Three things can’t be hidden for long, the Moon, the Sun & the Truth.”


Part V
January 30, 2013

Blogging at the Edge of the Shift... Part V

Well, the landmark year of 2012 is now well behind us & the mysterious yet promising 2013 is all ahead of us... What a powerful year of change 2012 was, culminating in the auspicious and truly global happening on the Solstice of December 21st... Where nothing happened but everything happened!
No there was no calamitous end to our beautiful world as we know it, thank God & this we must never forget, yet hundreds of Millions of people gathered to celebrate collectively or privately in their own way. Some for example at the historical sacred site of Stonehenge in England where thousands of peeps gathered at dawn to drum & sing & celebrate the new dawning of a promising new age... or like myself at the ancient sacred rock circles of Avebury, where many beautiful happy people gathered to celebrate the moment., other friends of mine just lit a candle and sat in meditation to be here now. It is moments like this...

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