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Born and raised in Hawaii, Jocelyn grew up having a very active, healthy lifestyle. At the young age of 15, she was scouted by Tokyo’s top agency, and her professional modeling career took off. Since then she has traveled all over the world working and living in 12 different countries as an Actress, Model, MC and TV host and is currently signed to Bullet Films Productions. After a life-changing trip to Nepal in 2007 she & her husband decided to open a school for underprivileged children in Nepal so in 2008 they opened Moonlight Foundation Nepal. She has always been interested in health and wellness and helping people get healthy naturally so in 2010 she and her husband opened Lotus Centre Wellness, which is an all natural health company that believes that if you balance your body, mind and soul you can achieve your infinite potential in life. Jocelyn is a Certified Practitioner in: Millennium Method, NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Yuen Method™ and Pilates.
Health Benefits of Thai Massage
July 6, 2014

Most of us love massages but do we really know what the health benefits are other than that it relaxes us and make us feel good? I’m sure everyone that been to Thailand has had the pleasure to try at least 1 Thai Massage. I’ve tried so many I can’t even count. Some were amazing and some I just wanted them to be over. I know the difference between the good & bad massages were the therapists’ training, experience and passion that they bring to the massage. After trying Kay’s amazing Candlelight Restorative Yoga last week she told me she also does Thai Massage that is based on Yoga.
Based on Yoga? That made me very curious so I asked her for more info. She told me that Thai Massage is a dynamic bodywork therapy based on yoga, Ayurveda and martial arts. This beautiful healing art was originated in the temples of Thailand 2,500 years ago. The philosophy behind Thai Massage is the focus on energy lines called “sen” lines....

Creating change unconsciously
June 9, 2014

Most people have little knowledge and experience with Hypnotherapy, or actually fear it because of some hypnotist show on TV. The truth is Hypnotherapy can be a very effective, natural and an enjoyable tool that can help you in many aspects in life, you just need to find a professional certified Hypnotherapist.

I myself am trained in Hypnotherapy so I instantly recognized Fiona McKeand’s highly qualified credentials and was excited to experience a session with her. My session with her was calm, relaxing and extremely helpful in giving me huge revelations that were able to help me progress in my life’s journey. After having such an amazing session with her I would love to recommend Fiona.

Fiona is a fully qualified hypnotherapist with extensive experience in helping clients free themselves from unwanted habits, fears, and both emotional and physical pain, enabling them to make positive lasting life changes. She trained in the UK and returned to Hong Kong...

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