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Lizette studied at Stellenbosch University in South Africa where she completed a Bachelor of Science Degree. In 1991 Lizette obtained her ATI (Associate to the Textile Institute) In Manchester UK, and in 2003 Lizette graduated at Henley Business School in the UK where she completed her general MBA. Over the past 29 years Lizette has worked for and made valuable contributions to Woolworths, Nike and Next Sourcing Limited which allowed Lizette to develop extensive networks and exclusive lifestyle products including garments that are of the highest quality. Innovasians are involved in the raw materials and own the supply chain of their products. Through 'Added Value ' the product range is unique. Lizette is CEO of this unique company and has managed to obtain a blue chip customer base.
Let's get rid of nasty styrofoam and plastic as it affects our health! AND NO MORE beach and city clean-up needed!!!!
November 4, 2013

Imagine NO more beach and city cleanup needed - let's change behaviour to a healthier one.
Innovasians Ltd and FIG Canada Group Company Limited join forces.
Innovasians Ltd in Hong Kong have been selling the wheat straw ‘wonder’ products for the last 2 years but have been appointed the official distributor for the wheat straw packaging material. These products are referred to as the “wonder’ as these are low carbon, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable. These are made from 100% agricultural wheat straw, is non-toxic, contains no chemicals and is FDA approved.
The product resolves all the landfill issues in Hong Kong for sure. If these could replace the much hated and toxic...

Quantum from the Earth can heal all of us
April 1, 2013

Talking to the Cape Town native is a little like being in the eye of a typhoon. Her piercing blue eyes light up as she switches from one subject to another without much concern whether her listeners are on board or lost somewhere in the Kruger.
"I love jumping from one thing to the next," admits Lizette Smook, the founder of InnovAsians. "Even my staff tells me that I speak too quickly. I have the type of personality that loves to be busy. I love going to China: Sichuan for the food, Harbin for the ice sculptures, the remoteness of Inner Mongolia. My latest fascination is with Guangxi."
Smook has traveled across China for nearly 20 years, initially to visit factories when she was sourcing manufacturers as a technical expert in the corporate world of apparel, and now to find green manufacturers for InnovAsians, a company she founded at the end of 2006.
Originally from Paarl, a town just outside of Cape Town, Smook grew up in the country's...

Innovasians join forces with NEW Korean technology
March 30, 2013

Quantum energy is a new unique sustainable chemical - free technology from the earth radiating energy from textiles and products that contains this quantum energy. We can add this to any product!! There is a lot of quantum on the internet – this one is unique as it encapsulates negative ion technology, far infra-red technology and quantum technology. This is proven and tested by extensive laboratory reports. The company producing quantum energy products with Innovasians Ltd has already 8 patents and 10 additional patents submitted.
The textiles fused with Quantum energy powder naturally radiate quantum energy ® by interacting with the environment. There is an absorption and release of N and O2.
There are many benefits—the radiating energy and the interaction of N and O2 :
Increases Body Immunity
Promotes Blood circulation
Anti-bacterial properties
Cures wounds and heals skin—skin cell renewal

Hong Kong Environmental Footprint
March 30, 2013

Why do large corporates all have CSR (Corporate Sustainable Policies) and all tick the boxes, but when it comes to events in Hong Kong – there is NO policy? Where is the EPD?
Just about 4 weeks ago we had the Hong Kong marathon and the amount of plastic cups collected after the event was quite disgusting:
This past weekend I have to give credit to ONE caterer at the stadium – Montana Grill
The packaging used by them – “BRAVO ” – finally is Bagasse as in the images below – 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable and NOT HARMFUL to humans. Bravo and congratulations Montana – you deserve mention as you are doing GREAT for Hong Kong environmental footprint and for Hong Kong landfill problems.
The packaging was amazing and for all those interested – this is what packaging looks like that has no impact on human health and also has a lower environmental footprint.
The rest was all the same….. same...

Changing our own behaviour
September 19, 2012

In Hong Kong we can buy what we want, when we want it. Convenience of retail operating hours is tailored to convenience and we can mostly buy anything we want at hours not generally available to most other Western Countries.
The ‘good’ life we lead is reflected in the refuse we discard to landfill annually. Recent SCMP press declared Hong Kong to be the largest refuse dump in the world, as per capita we dispose of almost 1 ton (1000 kg) of ‘garbage’ annually. That is rated as the highest in the world. Statistics in terms of qualifying this varies in the media and we roughly get to a large portion of our ‘garbage’ is food waste (there is a lot of waste left on an Asian dining table where Western families were generally taught and forced to ‘eat what was on their plate’ as part of disciplined education AND then of course there is all the ‘due date or food expiry dates or best before’ that force a large portion of...

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