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    Bobsy Gaia
    Born in Beirut, Lebanon, Bobsy has been...
    There is a fundamental change happening all over the world. (as you well know by now if you are...
    Sharon Vipond
    Sharon is Canadian, and came to Hong...
    John Hardy’s trail blazing Green School hit the news again! No question, in the circles of...
    Lizette Smook
    Lizette studied at Stellenbosch...
    Sarah Boseley, health editor The Guardian, Wednesday 19 February 2014 Scientists, in BMJ paper,...
    Mia Moore
    Mia, Founder of, Graciously Green,...
    The seasons are changing and with it so is my diet. Yes, I am moving away from raw and into the...


    Say No to Disposables
    Avoid disposable dinnerware such as cups, straws and utensils to reduce waste and to discourage the production of...
    Gifts that last
    While flowers and chocolates are popular gifts for the holidays, especially Valentine's Day, give something that lasts...
    Go Vegetarian
    Aim to have at least one vegetarian meal each week because meat requires more resources to produce and the majority of...

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