Think about how you can green your career. For example, business owners could encourage employees to carpool and to recycle.
Bring your own reusable water bottle filled with filtered water from home every time you go to the gym and you could save an average of 200 USD per year as well as 14 pounds of plastic!
Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the air and use it as their energy source, producing oxygen for us to breathe. A tree can remove and store 700 to 7,000 pounds of carbon over its lifetime.
While flowers and chocolates are popular gifts for the holidays, especially Valentine's Day, give something that lasts for more than a day. For instance, consider purchasing a plant so that your gift can grow along with the mutual love between you...
Ginger is great for calming nausea and is an antioxidant. Drink it with cold or hot water and even add some to your stir-fry dishes.
Keep a bottle of soda water handy for emergency spills as the carbonated bubbles work great for stains, including wine stains.
Incorporate green business practices into your supply chain by specifying green requirements into bids or quotes. For instance, you can specify for products that contain no hazardous chemicals and use post-consumer recycled content.
Instead of flushing down your tissue in the toilet, drop it into a trash bin to reduce water usage.
Pick eco-friendly detergents and soaps as toxics and chemical ingredients may not only be less than ideal for you, but once washed down the drain will end up in the water supply and eventually, the oceans.
Don't worry, we are not going to tell you to stop showering altogether! Daily hygiene is as important to your as it is to us and cutting down on your water-consumption on water bills is as easy as:
Support projects that encourage the use of reclaimed wastewater. The reclaimed water can be used for irrigation or industrial purposes.
Recycling jewelry reduces the need for mining, one of the most deadly job occupations today.

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