Did you know that blood diamonds mined in Africa are used to fund civil wars? Mining for rocks also damages local wildlife and ecosystems as acid mine drainage flows into rivers and lakes.
Buying recycled jewellery can help minimize impact on the environment. Making these purchases also tells the industry that consumers care about where their jewelry comes from.
Green gold is mined under strict environmental regulations or recycled from used gold. You can help preserve the environment by purchasing recycled eco-friendly gold.
No need to buy new clothes when you can revamp the old. Jackets can look completely different when zippers, cuffs, or collars are added on.
When looking for gems, find fairly traded gems since these gems are made under conditions where labourers were paid accordingly and worked under safe mining conditions.
Vintage jewellery is a must when looking for eco-friendly jewelry since there will be less demand for new jewelry and virgin materials can be preserved.
Hemp is a versatile fabric that does not require pesticides and chemicals. Put on some hemp jeans!
Practice those stitching skills by repairing old jeans insteading of buying new. If you are too lazy, leave the rips in to look cool. As long as there aren't too many or in the wrong places.
To reduce waste, donate your old jeans to local charities or trade them for something else at a clothing swap.
Dye your own clothes to create one-of-a-kind styles by making your own pigments from roots, nuts, bark or flowers. Chop up the plant material into small pieces, add water, boil and simmer for an hour. Strain and add the fabric to be dyed or create...
Opt for organic cotton that avoid using a lot of water and chemicals in the production processes.
Clothes made from rayon and viscose should be avoided since the timber from which fabrics are made from often originate from old-growth forests. Hazardous chemicals such as caustic soda and sulphuric acid are used in the manufacturing of these...

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