Clothes made from Tencel, the trade name for the fibre lyocell, are great since lyocell is a sustainable, biodegradable textile made from natural cellulose from trees grown on land unsuitable for crops. Production processes for lyocell are also...
Seek out "green" dry-cleaning services that use liquid carbon dioxide or silicon-based solvents rather than harmful substances.
Comfy, warm sweaters are great during the winter months. Unfortunately, synthetic wool is not that great for the environment or you – chemicals such as organophosphates and chlorine used in the production of wool are toxic and can seep into our...
Whenever possible let you hair dry naturally instead of using a blow dryer. Air drying is much better for the environment and your hair as it can become brittle if blown dried daily.
Made from petrochemicals with processes using large amounts of energy, water and synthetic lubricants, clothes made from polyester and nylon are non-biodegradable when discarded and have a high impact on the environment in their production.
Perfect to do right before you jump into a shower or bath, skin brushing is an ideal way to exfoliate and reduce cellulite buildup by stimulating your lymphatic glands and removing toxins. With a sisal body brush or a loofah brush your entire body...
Try not to use beauty products containing synthetic fragrances as they most likely contain phthalates, hormone-disrupting chemicals linked with birth defects and cancer in lab animals.
Equip with an earth-friendly soap and reduce the amount of chemicals you send down the drain.
1. Eco-Exfoliate Take a few teaspoons of organic, raw sugar and blend it extra-virgin olive oil and slowly rub it on your face for about five minutes and you got yourself an easy, eco-friendly exfoliation! 2. Eco-Moisturize Mash half of an organic...
Dab a few drops of unrefined cold-pressed seasame oil on your face and body for amazing stress reduction, pain relief and increased immunity results.
Use pure mineral epsom salts when bathing. They are great with stimulating serotonin (a feel-good hormone) and a great source of magnesium.
1. Hemp 2. Bamboo 3. Organic Cotton 4. Soy Silk 5. Wool

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