Recycle your workout shoes – the rubber in most shoes can be used for a multitude of purposes. Or donate gently worn shoes to charities that distribute them in places of poverty where they'll be treasured as new.
Buy your food in bulk, especially foods that have long shelf life such as olive oil and jam, to save on packaging. You can store your bulk purchases in stylish reusable containers, too!
Choose foods labelled organic to protect not only our groundwater and wildlife, but the health and safety of your family.
By choosing salad instead of steak three to four times a week, you can significantly reduce water used to raise livestock. For example, it takes 140 liters to produce a kilo of wheat, but 4,400 liters to produce a kilo of beef in the USA.
Recent studies show that Bisphenol A or BPA , a hormone-disrupting chemical that can be found in beverage cans, canned food containers, plastic bottles and containers, and dental fillings and sealants, is linked with obesity, prostate and breast...
Mix 2 ounces of water, ¼ teaspoon of baking soda or sea salt, 1 drop of pure peppermint oil and 1 drop of tea tree oil and you have made yourself a great tasting, bad breath preventing homemade mouthwash.
For those of you who like to spice up your bedroom activities from time to time, avoid buying plastic sex toys containing phthalates and artificial lubricants and look for products made out of silicone, elastomers, glass and all-natural oils instead...
Little tasks often clog up our minds. Simply make a list, sort out priorities, start on the tasks and share tasks with others if the list becomes too overwhelming.
Pouring regular or apple cider vinegar immediately on the area that has been stung and hold for 30 seconds, then remove the tentacles. Vinegar is great at combating the pain.
Making half water, half baking soda mixture and store in a spray bottle and bring to beach trips. Just like with vinegar, pour the mixture onto the stung area immediately for an almost instant pain relief.
Replace your yoga blocks with ones that are made from cork. They are lightweight, durable and great for the environment.
Order ice cream in a cone instead of a cup, and help reduce your waste output. So it's a little extra carb… we won't tell anyone!

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